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How To Contact Direct Buy Contact Customer Service

Direct Buy opened their first Club in 1971, Direct Buy has become the leading home improvement and furnishings club in North America — with over 160 Clubs in the U.S. and Canada. Today Direct Buy Club is over 400,000 members strong. We work with top home furnishings and improvement manufacturers to bring you their products at the direct insider price. We take pride in working with the most trusted brands, giving our members access to quality products at tremendous savings.



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  1. Can’t get quality assistance!!! Too far from the southwest side of Houston Texas. ONLY ONE LOCATION!!!! MONTHS NO CONTACT TO PURCHASE ANYTHING OR INFORMATION FROM THE COMPANY!!!

  2. direct buy is a scam to get your money an promise good buys then close the store= calling them for a month now an have been lied to constantly, stating they will call back they even lie to their employees saying they contacted me an haven’t to date.

  3. I recently had a similar situation with Direct Buy. I think because the sales associates are so desperate they promise and say things that they can’t deliver. Although my situation is a bit different from some of the others mentioned, it seems a lot of complaints are based on them saying you’ll get something “Free” when you eventually have to pay for it. I recently spoke to a director of program management and hopefully something is done to remedy the mistreatment and lies. Based on the comments I’ve been reading on line, I think Direct Buy might be looking at a class-action lawsuit soon.

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