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Phone Number: 1-800-247-0078 association with this company:

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  1. I ordered your do it yourself magazine last year and I only received one magazine. Now you are sending me a renewal notice. I feel riped off by your company.

  2. Have gone around and around trying to get to a DIY Magazine site! Mailed check for $19.97 May 1, 2015 after solicitation from your magazine. Only received one copy. Very disappointed in this magazine and BHG for being connected.

  3. I paid for two years subscription in Oct. 2016. I have not received a magazine! I will take action if I do not start getting them. It looks like you people are good at taking people’s money but not sending the magazine.

  4. I had order the Do It Yourself magazine Oct 25, 2016 The check cleared my account on 11-3-2016. It was a deal with Martha Stewart and a free gift of the magazine Storage Solutions. This is now January 10, 2017 and I have not received any of my magazines. I am very disappointed in your service. By the other comments left I’m not the only one. You really Ned to evaluate the procedures your company uses for customer service. I would like to know when I will be receiving my magazines.

  5. You keep sending a bill for the Di-it-Yourself magazine. I have never ordered it and don’t want to order it. Please stop. Thank you.

  6. I paid for 2 years subscription in Dec 2015 from a mailing you sent me. Please tell me who to contact or I will report to the Better Business Bureau and Attorney General of Kentucky


  7. I order dyi several months ago. I have already paid for it. Was support to get it beginning of Jan. 2014. It is March and still no magazine. Where is my subscription?. They want your account number which is located on the magazine in order to help you. Well, it would help a lot if you had the magazine!! I will make a suggestion here to the company;start checking the reviews posted and reach out to your customers.

  8. I paid for my magazine twice. The first check was sent January 10th, 2014 and the second check was sent January 24,2014. The amount was $19.97 on each check. Refund please.

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