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  1. I bought 4 of the Dockers upright suitcases with 4 wheels. The second time we used them 2 lost a wheel and another one has a loose wheel. After looking at the design and how the wheels are connected, it is no wonder. The design is terrible and I am going to try to get a refund.

  2. Zipper broke on the first use! I packed me bags it was fine and when I got to my final destination the bag came out un zippered and my belongings were lost. Glad it was only the front small compartment that the zipper broke and only a few things were lost! This should not have happened tho. I’m not going to pay to ship it there n back that’s just ridiculous it’s a huge suitcase. Purchased in November for my trip in December.

  3. I have a set of Dockers suit cases (hard case) on two of the suitcases one wheel came off. This appears to be a defect in the quality of the suitcase. I would like to know my procedures for receiving a replacement or refund for the cases as they have a lifetime warranty that is applicable for this damage.

  4. Sounds like others have had the same problem I am having with my recent,y Prichard docker four wheel suitcase. The side seam unraveled. It has in,y been on five short trips with me. This is not usual….most suitcases I have had last for many years. I bought this one about a year and a half ago. What recourse do I have?

  5. I have two Dockers Upright suitcases. One is about 5 years old and the other is only a year old. I have already had one replaced due to the poor quality of the threading; but now both are unraveling. Frankly, I am surprised that the one that was replaced is almost in the same condition; it’s only a year old and that was replaced by the company. I think, at this point I would like a full refund for the suitcases. I have returned one in the hopes that it was just a bad bag, but now that they are both doing the same thing (i.e., one 5 years old and the other only 1 year old).

    An guidance you can give me would be fantastic and I am so sorry that your product is not working out for me.

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