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DVDXpress is a leading owner and operator of automated DVD Machine rental systems in the United States.



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  1. This was my third rental with your company that midway through the video the sound was turned off. The screen says protected by Cinavia but I’m sure you know this. Refunding my purchase and offering free movies for the inconvenience hardly makes up for an entire evenings entertainment ruined. You have to be aware of this problem and still you let it happen. Liked your concept but I’m sticking to Redbox from now on.

  2. I rented 2 movies and put in a code for one day free that I received by liking their Facebook page. They just sent me a recept showing that they chared me for both rentals instead of just the one. i rented BluRay discs that looked awful. It appears that they copy and rent bootleg DVds. Do not use ths service it is horrible!

  3. Sadly, I am on the same boat with you all. Beyond irritated with the HORRIBLE customer service I’ve received. Imagine the kiosk is broken and the representative “Howard”, was trying to play smarty pants. Basically telling me that it would be fixed and it still hasn’t been. To make a real long story short, he claims that he doesn’t understand what the problem or inconvenience is with the kiosk being broken! I explained that the time I’ve wasted, the multiple times I’ve called just to reach someone, and the hassle of wasting unnecessary gas! He proceeded by saying that I can go and return it in another location and when I refused he blatantly said that “I don’t need to go and rent movies from them”! Talk about professionalism! Needless to say he claims, with my minutes being wasted from calling, why don’t I just call through a pay phone?!!!!!! If that’s not disgraceful enough, I don’t know how else or how long he could’ve went on with his shameful remarks, suggestions etc. I then asked him if this was a franchise or home based call center and why would it take so long to reach someone, he then responds by I don’t understand what the difference is?!!! I am highly disgusted by the lack of professionalism this idiot has represented. It clearly doesn’t take a genius to know that if you are in the business industry you need to encompass great people skills and speak with diligence and more importantly RESPECT!!! It all started by my first phone call when I asked when it would be fixed and right off the bat he was a jackass saying well I wouldn’t tell you Monday if I didn’t have the intentions of sending out a technician today, mind you that was Saturday! I told oh today, I hope you feel insignificantly stupid for trying to be a smartass and you didn’t even get it fixed! Horrible! If you have other options in renting elsewhere I advice you too! I know Redbox is normally reliable!

  4. Rented 2 disc from this kiosk, i was overdue for 2 days.. I received 9$ penalty for it!!!!! I think that is too much!!! spoke with cutomer service and they couldn’t figure out why that happened.. i’m not going to borrow from this kiosk anymore..

  5. you folks owe me a refund for overcharging on a rental of 2movies for 2 days. I have not had any problems. until now .I have been charged twice , a total of $36.12 for 2days you dont answer your phone so maybe you will e mail me. I will get a class action lawsuit filed on behave of myself and all you ex custoners. we have a chance to resolve this issue. contact me thru my email

  6. Miss DVDExpress here in Mobile Ala…

    Got a contact number for the new Food Chain that owns some of the stores at the previous locations here in Mobile.

    The new food chain is Named Rouses. Their corporate number is 1-985-447-5998.

    I sent Rouses an email recommending a DVDexpress Kiosk at their new store here in Mobile Ala… just a few minutes ago… waiting to see if I get a return.

    I hope you two guys can get together to bring back DVDExpress here at our location.

  7. I rented a DVD 3/23/14 ENDERS GAME and tried to return the next day and your box was full and it won’t take the DVD back I had to take the DVD back with me and try to return it again the next day 3/25 and it did took it back but you charge my card again even though it was your machine fault and no one from Market place will even take the time to help or answer my question on where I could return . Hope to hear from anyone I will appreciate it .

    Thank you ,


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