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By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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Having trouble reaching one of their vendors (ordered something for Christmas which is wrong) trying to reach the vendors customer service and alter getting contacted am told to hold for next rep. I have done this 3 times so far and each time I am on hold over 40 min. and asked to go into VM.

That’s shady af that they removed their contact info. I still have Ebates number stored on my phone, it is 415-908-2200

I am having a problem with something on Ebates, and have tried 3 times to connect with Ebates through the online means. Unfortunately, no one is responding. Does anyone know how to call Ebates for assistance when the online support is not working?

1-415-618-0322 call an speak to them or look up another e-bates # don’t know if I called that exact # don’t give up I had issues an they were very good an straightened it out I’m getting cash back but sometimes I have to correct their math however some cash back is for certain things not the whole store an make sure ur e-bates page is the only window open red or orange cash back should come up click on or make sure its green tell them ur problem an your e-bates site should have a record I just got 8% back from maceys an 5 minutes later it went to 12% so I got something else next day it was 3% I have to call them too cause i’m getting money back but a few aren’t giving me the cash back by percentage they say like I got a skate board for my son was 5% cash back I should have got 3 they gave 2 an change however I was thinking I should get the 5% cuz skate board could be a hobby the lower amt given was for sports you bet I will state my case good luck an don’t give up hope u have a merry CHRISTMAS AN A HAPPY NEW YEAR an if u refer someone u get money back 4 that $5. $20 when they place a order I think good luck

i HAD ISSUES CALLED THEM AN THEY WORKED WITH ME fight 4 what urs they may have not got ur message

Ebates Inc. Phone Number For Customer Support Phone Number 1-415-908-2200


Yup, its BS. I just called the number that’s listed and sure enough it’s disconnected! Have you tried since, if so what’s the update or you called it quits. Either way Keep Us Posted!

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