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Edward Jones offices are located in the areas where you live and work. Edward Jones takes a personal approach to business, an approach that starts with a face-to-face meeting between a financial advisor and you.


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  1. Horrible company!! Biggest mistake by trusting Edward Jones w/my fiances. I do not know who hires these people..or if they even do a personal background check on their employees but they should!!!!

  2. I was try to get into my account and it would not let me in It kept asking me for a code and every time I entered it it told me it was incorrect

  3. I have been notified by the form letter that my account will be serviced by a person I known to me who is based in St Louis. I live in Issaquah WA, am 73 years old and not happy with the way

    I am being treated. I am a client who has been with this agent in Redmond WA for 15 years. Now that I am older and living off some of my resources.

  4. First of all we want to commend Mr. Bruce L. Hanson of your Chehalis, WA office. He has been one of our financial advisors for the last 6 plus years. He has kept us appraised of necessary changes to our retirement and bond accounts according to the fast changing markets and he is not afraid to put his two bits in.

  5. I can only echo the sentiments published here-in. I stayed with EJ only 6 months and that was 6 months too long

    My so-called Advisor was no more than a sales Rep. He didn’t know beans about investing. Sold things i told him not to sell. Never got it right the first time. no matter what he said, he had to clear it thru the back office and they over ruled him most every time. It was a costly error on my part and nothing i can do abut it. This kind of investment company is not subject to feduciary standards and should not be allowed to do what they do. Everything they do is with their best interest in mind My advice to anyone looking for a financial Advisor~~~ make sure you use someone who is a CFP One who is an SEC registered feduciary. “Advisor” is a generic word. A cab driver can give you advice. The title means nothing.

    A word about the “office administrator” . Working in any other kind of office she would be called a receptionist.

  6. I am a client of Edward jones here in waco Texas.

    I have tried several times to setup a watch list on your site covering my investments

    at the NYSE. After setting it up and then trying to acces it the next day it has disappeared.

    Have you removed this feature from your website and not noted?

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