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How to Contact Entertainment Book Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-088-338-0234

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  1. I was charged 35.00 on 7-16-18 for a book I never received. no as appeared on debit 3137332419 MI 071301. Please credit my acct.

  2. I ordered a 2017 Entertainment Book in Dec. it was cleared on my credit card and never received it yet, I needed it for my vacation on Feb 9, please let me know why this is taking so long to get.

  3. Signature Grille in Detroit hasn’t been a participant in the entertainment book for over 5 years.

    A coupon appeared without our consent. The menu and prices along with the hours are incorrect.

    I have been trying to get this resolved, with no luck. We have been honoring them out of respect

    of the customer– its not the fault of the people who purchased them in good faith.

    I look forward to hearing back from the Entertainment Book on resolving this issue

  4. I have been trying to contact the company to end my subscription. The phone number listed on this ad is no longer in service, the voice said. I received a postcard today saying five new books are on the way, but I don’t want them and will return them if they show up.

  5. I have been a loyal customer for over 15 years but this company is totally mismanaged. They discontinued their phone number so you can’t call them..incredible but true. Their website is non functional and the searches are inaccurate. They include book coupons that vendors don’t accept. This used to be a great value but not any more.

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