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How To Contact Europcar Customer Service

Europcar promises to deliver the best car rental experience through excellent customer service and high quality vehicles.



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  1. Just booked for six weeks in France and had a minor problem that i was attempting to correct but need to speak to them by phone………………try and do that. they do not want to talk to customers and because it was a good deal i said, oh well……………….however having read everything here………………i just cancelled and wont deal with them again.

  2. Booked a car in July 2016 for 2 weeks in Lisbon Portugal. The car was prepaid and my credit card was charged immediately. When I got to the counter right after the flight 6AM , they told me that if I got the car at that moment it would cost me 30 extra euros, or I could wait 20 minutes and there would be no charge. So me and the other passengers on the same fight that booked thru the company had to wait on line for 20 minutes, Then they proceeded there will be another extra 67 euros if another person drove the car. At that point I was beyond mad. Left airport 7:30am. On August 12 I got charged 62.61 from the europcar which I have no idea for what.. I filled the gas thank, no tickets, no easy pass because I paid cash, have all the receipts . So now I have a dispute thru my credit card. I refuse to pay until Europcar show me a receipt for the 62.61. FOR WHAT? With that said, please beware of this Europcar. I will never do business with them. and the customer services is horrendous, Extremely disappointed with this “Europcar..” Don’t book thru them, if you think they are cheaper, think again.

  3. Rented a car from CDG Paris T1 summer 2015. 3 hour wait to get a car that was pre-booked.Only one person at the desk who was taking 45 minutes per customer to rent a car. Finally a manager came to supervise and calm down the long line of people waiting. Finally got a car. Noted some minor 3rd party damage that happened during rental (a 3-inch scratch). Filled out paperwork. Promised an invoice in 1 week. Instead got nothing except a 900 euro charge on credit card. Unable to claim on own insurance without paperwork. Asked customer service for paperwork every week for last 8 weeks with no luck. Europcar claims that insurance department is still working on things, yet charge is already made on credit card. No interest from Europcar staff on helping resolve issues. We all know better now.

  4. Eurpocar UK!!!!

    Still waiting for a refund of 250GBP for insurance excess deposit.

    Couldn’t use car for 24 hours due to damaged oil seal – no refund offered!

    No response to emails addressed to customer service or to CEO Europcar UK Ken McCall.

    Highly unlikely that I will use them again.

  5. Terrible! I rented a car in Italy and the GPS didn’t work at all. We used our phone maps. When we returned it we told them the GPS did not work. They charged our card anyway. When I got home I wrote to them and asked about it. They said that it did work. I insisted it did not and told them to check the usage and get back to me. I followed up three times and they never responded. Then I received an email saying that I received a ticket while in Italy and that they were charging me $45 extra due tot he ticket (on top of whatever fee the supposed ticket will have). I wrote to them again and asked them to contact me because we were never stopped by the police or got a ticket for anything including parking…I followed up twice – no response. I WILL NEER USE THEM AGAIN! What a horrible company.

  6. I was quoted 467GBP to rent a car for a month over June/July. I was charged $1500 which is more like 900GBP

    I had no upgrades or damage, returned the vehicle full. I received no receipt explaining the charges and have now spent a week trying to figure out how to contact them. Telephone numbers on their various websites were not working and an IM customer service chats this morning could not help me or even provide me with any information regarding the charges.

    This billing issue added insult to injury. When I picked up the car I had to wait over an hour with the pick up branch being utterly overwhelmed by the crush of customers trying to pick up pre-ordered rental cars and too few staff on duty. The manager of the branch made very little effort to solve the excessive wait until after myself and other customers complained.

    never again Europcar this was my worst ever rental car experience

  7. Never again Europcar

    We reserved and paid up front for our rental car from Europar in march 2015.

    Our trip was not until June 2015.

    In June we were off to our vacation and unfortunately due to a flight cancelation we missed our connecting flight from New York to Frankfurt, Germany and had to take the next flight which was exactly a day later.

    When we arrived at the Europcar center in Bad Homburg, Germany we were told that our car had been rented to someone else because we were a day late then the reserved date.

    When I confronted the rental agent about the fact that we already had paid for a full 4 weeks in advance and that it was of highest importance that we get a car he just laughed and said that we were at fault and that the charges on the credit card would be reimbursed minus one day of rental cost.

    After that conversation we went ahead and rented a car from a company called SIXT.

    They were most understanding and had a car for us within a few minutes.

    It took us hours to get in contact with someone from Europcar so that we could let them know what was going on and that we wanted to get our money back.

    Every week we called Europcar and asked for our refund and every time we were told some other lie as to why the money was not refunded yet.

    Every week we were told that they would look into it and then get in contact with us either by phone or email.

    It has been 4 weeks now and we are back in the US.

    We have called our credit card company and fortunately they started a dispute against the charges.

    Very sad!

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