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How To Contact Exede Customer Service

Exede delivers affordable, high speed Internet delivered to your home by the latest satellite technology. The service allows users to get internet access regardless of their location.

Exede Customer Service Address< 1-855-463-9333


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  1. I called cust svc on Fri 1-20-17 and spoke with Austin, who finally hung up on me since he could not answer my questions. I then called back and spoke with Sonia who did the same thing. It appears this is company policy at Exede. I called a third time and reached Joanie. I insisted on speaking with a supervisor, and was finally transferred to Steven who, when I told him I had been hung up on twice, seemed unconcerned. My questions were eventually answered but it should NOT have taken 3 phone calls to accomplish this. No customer service skills at this company!

  2. For almost two years whenever I call Exede the message says they are experiencing a high call volume, the wait time exceeds two minutes. So I am currently on hold now for 20 minutes with no idea if Exede will get to me today. This is not an unusual event, I have held for an hour before and then I just gave up. If the prompt for new customers or people wanting to know more about Exede the call is answered almost immediately. Today I need tech support, my service is going down several times a day, I have to rest and reboot to get it back.. However,coming to a solution that works with Exede is highly unlikely, from past experiences with customer service.

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