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How to Contact Faberware Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-800-809-7166

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  1. I was just ready to write the same thing I too got a Farberware Stainless Steel one with the sharpener and scissors Not freakin cheap and i too have two knives broke off right at the end of the knife .I am so upset that set was over 69.99 plus tax I presumed this was a excellent lasting set . I am getting ready to call them to see what they can do i almost got my hand cut off when cutting my vegetables .The first one broke so sad i put it aside and then grabbed another one and gee whiz that broke off in the same spot and i wash them in the sink alone with lukewarm water i dont have a dishwasher took very good care of them I even did me whole kitchen in steel and black because of this Beautiful set .I truly hope they can help me so sorry this happened to you .

  2. My second Farberware hand can opener this year, professional series, with chrome on the handles has failed after two to three weeks service. What can I donow.

    Leroy Marshall

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