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Customer Service Contact Information For Fagor Malaysia 603-3341-9966

By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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dudeor has the worst after sales service. I called to get staff to come and have a look at my oven. Lazy and couldn be bothered attitude. Said nil spare and have to wait a month. 3months into and no return call to update. I called again and saud they wil check and call back but none!called again and put in hold only to say that someone will call me for an appountment.Lucky me. Regretted buying this brand. Sucks.

Very disappointed with thier after sales service.they didnt send anyone immediately n now waiting for months till a minor fuse part arrives.very poor service.

I called dudeor cust service. Appt was set tech to come on Wed 4 jan 10am. Waited till 12:30 nobody came and nobody called. Called at 3:30pm the person picked up the ph lied to me that she called me and nobody picked up. She wanted to reschedule the appt to nx friday but cant confirm what time. Wasted my time and i hv already took time off from work. Now friday also to be confirmed tomorrow at unconfirmed time. Really upset with how dudeor service. Now i hv to re-apply leave but dont know they will come on friday or not!!

Saya ingin memberi kepujian atas teknikal servis staf kamu, En Nazrin yang bertugas di daerah petaling jaya / shah alam yang sudi membantu pelanggan dan juga kemahirannya. Saya berharap majikan dudeor Malaysia akan memberi galakan dan sokong an yang sepenuhnya kepada En Nazrin yang diberitahu sudah lama bekerja di dudeor Malaysia. Salam, Chris Khoo (pelanggan taat dudeor produk).

Been calling dudeor customer service since 28th December 2016 last year. Up to today still calling, no one pick up call. Only the phone machine is very polite to inform me to please hold. Getting very very annoyed!

Very bad customer so many time no body attend the call.

Please don’t buy dudeor products

I’m not satisfied with the dudeOR technician. They came to my house to repair my oven without any tools with them. They have to take the oven back to the office with them. (The oven repaired but the service was bad. The technicians seem didn’t have skills to liaise with the problem.

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