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Phone Number: 1-212-920-8100

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  1. Dear sir,Madam

    I purchased a pair of sunglasses for my wife’s birthday from Fendi at Harrods in london Ref: FF0041/S NI342.

    Unfortunately didn’t last long,I was very disappointed as the frame split in half once they were dropped from a very short level.

    I expected these highly cost sunglasses should be stronger and flexible.

    could you please look at this matter and see if this frame could be fixed .

    thank you

  2. The drawstring on my FENDI purse is cracking and flaking. Unacceptable. Please have customer service call or email me regarding this quality issue.

    Thank you in advance.

    Darla Cossette

  3. Got my Fendi’s a little over a year ago and I take excellent care of them so I’m curios to know if they will fix them….or replace them if defected like Oakley does….

  4. Is Fendi going to bring back Fendi Perfume from 1985?

    loved that perfume so did many of my friends and

    family. It’s still a very popular perfume and I

    still have a 1/4 bottle left and everyone’s asking

    what perfume that is!!! please please bring it back!

  5. I have loved the original Fendi for such a long time …..Please, please bring it back !!! I am using my last bottle of Eau de Parfum sparingly …… hoping like mad that you will reintroduce it. I miss it !!!! The new scent is all right, just not as delicious.

  6. Stop Killing Rabbits for Fashion

    Millions of rabbits are killed for their fur every single year. Most of the fur on boots or the collars of jackets comes from fur farms, where rabbits are kept in tiny, filthy cages for years. They spend their entire miserable lives standing on cage floors made of thin wires, never having a chance to jump, dig, or play. Fur farmers kill the animals in horrible ways—some are killed by having their necks broken or their skulls beaten in, and others are killed by anal or vaginal electrocution.

    Please stop supporting this hideous fur trade where millions of rabbits are kept as breeding machines and killed worldwide for their fur. All animals deserve better treatment and not to be abused and exploited for our GREED and PROFITS.

    Thank you for your attention.

  7. My Fendi sunglasses have been broken above the left lens next to the bridge.Is there any kind of warranty on then or where can I have them repaired.

  8. I brought a fendi glasses and the screws felt out and lost, plus the nose piece is broken. How can it get it fix?

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