Fixodent Customer Service


How to Contact Customer Service For Fixodent

Phone Number: 1-800-974-9952


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  1. i bought thee new ultra “max hold” and it doesn’t work any better than the original i spent $8.00 for this what a waste. i take a bit of a sandwich and my bottom teeth fall out no good

  2. I have watched the advert forfixodent, in my opinion is fantasy definitely not true. With bottom dentures there is no way you can bite an apple, I look upon this as false advertising,

    Why do all the companies that make denture fixative really make one that works, I have tried them all and am absolutely frustrated with every make not working, they are fine till I eat then aaagh loose. Please can you make one that truly works, don’t you realise that if you do everyone will buy it.

  3. I have bought several tubes of Fixodent with scope. I noticed that after you use about 1/2 of the tube then the tube hardens or for some reason the remainder of the product will not come out of the tube. I have never left the top off and I always make sure the tip is whipped clean after each use. The last 5 tubes I have bought has done the same thing. So you are having to throw away the rest because even if you cut the tip off to make a new one, it still wont work so that you can use the Fixodent. I pay a lot of money for the tube of Fixodent because let’s been real its not that cheap. I am going to have to find another brand/product to use. I am a single mother of two and I am on a fixed income and I don’t want to keep wasting my money on this product. Paying full price for 1/2 tube if your lucky to get that much out of is not acceptable. Ive seen other reviews of people having the same problem.

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