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How To Contact Frontier Communications Customer Service

Frontier Communications is a television cable, phone and internet provider that serves mostly rural areas. Verizon has moved some customers in rural areas to Frontier Communications.

Former Verizon CUSTOMERS:
Are you a Former Verizon Customer in West Virginia?
Call 1-877-352-7011
Are you a Former Verizon Customer in another state?

Call 1-877-462-8188
Did you become a Frontier Customer before June 30, 2010?
Call 1-800-921-8101



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  1. I am trying to report a phone that is out probably because a tree fell on it and have been on hold a long time
    The phone number is
    I am a friend calling because that is her only way to communicate
    she also has a life alert button
    If you can help me call

  2. I need help please. I ordered a phone for my mother on September 4 and have not received it. We have been billed for it but still do not have it. Phone number

  3. I cannot call the customer service because my phone #661-945-9751 is dead, No Line. I need your help to restore the Line On.

  4. I have called and called almost every month to get our phone fixed. The company said it was fixed, for a couple days and then the noise is so bad you can’t hear what any one is saying. They were to fix it again this week, no fix again.

    I’m terminating Frontier.

  5. Been trying to resolve a breach of service promised by salesperson. Promised internet service would be adequate to stream DirecTV programming. It would not. Did not work the day it was installed, the next day tech spent 3 hours trying to resolve issue (all on companies end, not in my home). The neat thing was I got to listen to his communications on their speaker phone. The tech knew more about the problems then their troubleshooters. Once it came up, it would not download fast enough for streaming. Cancelled service the second day. Spoke to customer service and stated my case, they agreed with me that I didn’t owe them anything. Received bill for installation. Sent letter along with bill back to them reiterating my case. Received second bill threatening collection. Spent a hour on the phone, mostly waiting, trying to resolve issue. Hopefully new agent processed new info to delete charges, but did indicate that supervisor approval was required. i.e. I still don’t know if issue is taken care of. Do not use Frontier, they don’t have it together.

  6. You’ve heard that old saying “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” Well, we’ve been squeaking to Frontier since December 22, 2016 to absolutely no avail! They promised to fix the phone on January 3, 2017….but did not. Then they promised that it would be repaired on January 9, 2017….but it wasn’t. Now they’re promising that the phone will be working by January 19, 2017. We shall see…… We pay each month for an interior wire repair. At this point we have no idea if our problem is exterior, interior….or something else. “A down wire” has been the explanation when we’ve called. Oh, and by the way….each call means we’re on hold for 20-40 minutes.

  7. I shut off the Frontier bundled service early due to no service at all except for my phone that is still working for some reason! The shut off was ordered 06/04/2016 due to Frontiers failure to provide the service I paid for. I changed carriers due to Frontier’s failure to provide what I paid for. But now Frontier has taken payment agin from my bank account even though I still have no service except the phone which they still have not shut off as requested. Now I have to have my new provider provide a new phone number because Frontier has again failed to shut the whole package off as requested. Even though they are the cause of no service for three weeks the Frontier operator stated that I still have to pay a fine for early shut off. THEY HAVE NOT PROVIDED SERVICE FOR ALMOST A FULL MONTH! Why a fine? My Verizon contract stated that my contract would end in September but now Frontier states that because they bought the contract my contract no longer ends in Sept 2016. The Frontier operator states it is now ends in Oct. 2016 even though I never signed any contract with Frontier. The operator stated it’s like a mortgage contract and it can be sold to Frontier with a new end date. So with that said I will be fined for early shut off – even though they have not provided any service package that I paid for with exception to the phone connection that they still have not shut off as requested in the package that I had. Frontier/Verizon WHAT A BUNCH OF CROOKS! USA FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DO YOUR JOBS AND GET THIS FIXED!!

  8. Since the change over from Verizon to Frontier, there are people who I call constantly, including an elderly next door neighbor, that I can no longer call from my land line. Well, guess what! Today I tried several times to call Frontier from my landline to question a bill, couldn’t reach them either. Called on the cell phone, got through, started talking, the persons voice was muzzled, and then she couldn’t hear me. She did have my phone number and name, but never bothered to call me back. The TV programs keep freezing up, On Demand is the worst, they are not showing the latest episodes of shows, but only those dating way back. When my contract is up, I’m gone. They really should have had all their stuff together before changing over.

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