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How to Contact Global Cash Card Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-949-751-0360 association with this company:

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  1. Hello my name is Stephanie. Yesterday, Monday 6/15/2015 I called customer service to find out my account balance which was $240.00. Today I checked it and it was $138. with change. I purchased a motel Monday 6/15/2015 for $40.00 along with food from Kroger $4.05. How can I see my account purchases online. Please do not show my reply on reply screen. Thank You

  2. My name is Margaret and today I had $39.77 disappear from my card and I don’t know what happened to my money. I tried to call the number from the back of the card and I could not reach an operator and I was not allowed to leave a message for someone to call me back. Then about two weeks before that I had $39.00 dollars appear and disappear from my card and I don’t know why that has happened. I sure would like some type assistance right away with this problem.

  3. So my name is David and I have had money just disappear from my card then five days later reappear its kinda odd and quite frustrating

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