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  1. Received a cashiers check this afternoon for $1984.34 priority mail. wife told me to check with the BBB but we could not find any info. on them. i tried your website and sure nuff. thank heavens for you thanks

  2. I am tired of jumping hoops for gmx, I don’t like leaving an email behind but if I must I must, I have had gmail for a few years the only problem they have if you have more than one account they don’t seem to check what account and if you change your password they change only the primary account so I dropped my other accounts, but gmx is unbelievable, I have been trying to get into my account since 10:00 and its almost 11:00 I am fed up I would get rid of who ever is doing this and hire someone who believes in service fine you may think this is your business but its not now I may lose all of my clients over this I will try to get back on tomorrow.


  3. I have a second computer, a desktop. I want to have my GMX email account on my desktop. Every time I try to download GMX it tells me that my gmx address is already in use so there is no way to download with my GMX address. I would like to have GMX on my desktop as is on mt laptop. Is there a way to have this?

  4. One would think after reading all the reviews that you would take it serious!! Everybody has problems logging in!!!

    What is wrong with you??

    From no where and no reason do I loose access and my password failed !!!

    Enough , fix the problem!!!!

  5. I have been reporting spam messages received to my in-box to GMX and each time they block my account rather than acknowledge that these messages have been received and will be filtered out in the future. It is impossible it seems to have a ticket dealt with by a real person instead of some automated reply based on content. I have had my account with them for a few years now and never had a problem until recently and now i am considering getting rid of this address as the support is useless.

  6. How in the world could we know what is going on with my account/email? For over 24 hours, there is no access to the site. Is there something that we should know about gmx that has not been revealed? If they can disappear off the Internet over waves of time for me and for other folks, what is the deal with them? Is there interference from another source? If anyone ever heard about gmx’s issues before and received any answer, please let me know. Thanks.

  7. Dear Sir, Madaame,

    I am crying at the moments because you have blocked my E mail address and i cannot get to my inbox and see any contacts that i need to see.

    Thank you for restitutions.

  8. I have been blocked from my new account that I just opened. I had started a new business using this email. Now my clients think I am not replying. PLEASE ALLOW ACCESS!!! If they think that someone is signing into my account, why don’t they just ask the security question instead of blocking me for days????? I will never use them again for business. 🙁

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