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  1. You guys need to quit your love affair with Jordan Speith, he is just an average golfer, as he can’t even win when the top players are not playing. The guy has won only three times in the past 6 or 7 years. Everything you talk about has some relation to Speith does this, Speith does that, it’s sickening watching your telecasts.
    Also, Hicks and Azinger are the worst announcers you have ever had. They just open their mouths and say anything then have to correct themselves, they’re terrible and annoying!

  2. I love the Golf Channel except for one thing. Cara Banks has the most annoying voice to listen to during the shows.

    1. Agree completely with Dan about that obnoxious announcer Cara- she talks too much, she “bites” her words similarly that Karen Stupples did until I wrote her saying she was biting her words and was talking too fast for the American public. She changed and is now a pleasure to listen to. Pls tell this Cara to slow down, not constantly talk ad nauseum and to not bite her words, she’s terrible to listen to!! She also always says the obvious- she spoils the broadcast😒

  3. Branded Chamblee with his bias against liv is making me ill. He calls it blood money yet the US govt does huge business in Saudi. Many pga sponsors do huge business in Saudi. So please Chamblee, get over it and yourself.

  4. Can’t the PGA play by play announcer use inflection that is not misleading??? Every single putt is made to sound in and most are not! So annoying!!!

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