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How To Contact Hancock Fabrics Inc. Customer Service

Hancock Fabrics, Inc. is a retail merchant of fabric and related home sewing and decorating accessories with stores in 42 states as well as the website, www.hancockfabrics.com.
Founded in 1957, Hancock Fabrics ranks as one of the leading fabric chains serving the home sewing market. Hancock carries a wide selection of fashion merchandise at guaranteed every day low prices. Hancock shares trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol HKF.



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  1. I was also excited to get a Hanjerk in Atascocita Texas . It ihas the most angry employees I have ever seen anywhere. I’m not going back! Joanns is out of the way for me but your store is a dirty unhappy place. Go next door to Walmart and hire their people. Also move the cutting table to the back

  2. Wow, I think Hanjerk fabric online is bordering on the worst experience I have had yet. Ordered enough upholstery fabric for a couch and 2 large chairs – so not a small or inexpensive order. The first time they sent the wrong fabric. Took me MANY calls (they will never answer their phone, regardless of their message, so you will have to leave a voicemail and be available when they call back). I will save the rest of the story for once I get this straightened out, but I am going on month 4 with no resolution. Even a detailed letter, addressed to the customer service supervisor, with an example of the fabric I am looking for (shows it online, got some from the local store but they didn’t have enough), and a promise to buy 2 more bolts has not even gotten a response. Good luck to all of those who venture there, you will need it.

  3. On Dec 3 I made a online order gave my card number shipping address and everything. I have not heard anything from anyone or got my order. I have called and left my information, but still no one return. Was looking forward to material before Christmas. Lost a sale for what I ordered material for.

  4. I visit Hanjerk Fabric in Gretna La, and was very unhappy with the store, I was visiting from out of town, and like to shop and see what we do not have in our Hanjerk store here in Ind, The store was dirty, and bolts of fabric were on the floor, carts was all over the place, and you had a hard time moving around in the store. Will not be going there again.

    Would like to hear from someone from headquarters.

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