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How To Contact Hansgrohe Customer Service

Hansgrohe has nine manufacturing locations: five in Germany, four abroad.
The company boasts sales and distribution subsidiaries in 24 countries all over the world.


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  1. Is your shower heads made from 100% chrome or is there plastic in there?

    Looking at the following product:

    Art. no. 04519000

  2. Great customer service. Had a leak at bottom of faucet under sink, talked to tec service. Found the problem, wife cleaned the pull out adaptor to clean it thus loosing conection causing the leak. Tightened conection no more leak. Did not have to spend $50.00 for cartrage. Thanks

  3. I was concerned that the plain iBox just as it comes out of the box allows cold water to flow only to the top outlet and hot water to flow only to the bottom outlet. A pleasant young man assured me that once the mixer valve is installed, mixed hot and cold waters can be directed to either outlet or, with modification of the valve, to both outlets.

    I wanted assurance that the iBox would work before I tiled it over.

  4. Sirs: I ordered and paid for a HG handshower *HG06127820, Inversa 2-way showerarm *HG28719823 and an HG Techniflex B 63″ handsho *HG28276823 on Jan. 16,2015. As of todays date,Apr 10,2015 I have yet to receive these items. I have been extremely patient as I own a Groehe kitchen faucet and the quality,performance and reliability of this item is outstanding. I returned it once for repair without incident or cost to me and was impressed by your service,thus my patience in regards to waiting for above items. I would be grateful if you could determine what is taking so long. I have taken into consideration the dock strike and Pacific Sales (where I purchased items) has called without receiving a reason. Any information would be appreciated. Pacific Sales of San Dimas,Ca. has offered a replacement of some kind,I haven’t seen what they are offering yet but will do so within the next week. Thank you for your consideration.

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