HBO Customer Service


How to Contact Customer Service For HBO Home Video

Customer Service: 1-866-316-4814


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  1. im having problems wit hbo go on the ps3 i keep getting video error 03-27-302 i been waiting for someone to help its been a week since i haven’t heard from anyone you guys should have a phone line its much better to talk then message you guys i hope you can fix the problem im not the only one a lot of people have the same problem to plz contact me as soon as possible.

  2. I just learned from CBS News that HBO will begin offering service without the need to go through our cable provider…….GOD BLESS YOU!!!

    We were HBO users and did not want to spend the additional money with the cable company who nickel and dimes us into submission. With limited cable competition in the area, the cost for cable service should be a crime.

    The day you open the doors for direct use in the way we currently use Netflix, we will be one of the first among hundreds of our friends who will dump the cable guys for internet only. For the money consumers spend, we should have some control.

    Provide a solid service at a reasonable price….like Netflix……and you will be successful!!!

    Get it built and we will come!!!!

  3. TTurned on my t.v. upon returning home and a boni-fied expicit photos movie was on. It had been on an HBO channel when I turned the set off, so the expicit photos was on HBO. Now I am receiving HBO as a promotional offer with a new satellite service. I WILL NOT BE SUBCRIBING TO HBO WHEN THE FREE OFFER IS DONE!!! If I want expicit photos, I’ll subscribe to Playboy and channels of that sort.

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