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  1. I absolutely am unable to watch Good Bones as long as you insist on continually showing the clip of the daughter telling her help on a very cold day to “Put your big boy pants on and suit up!”. Really?? Is that the way you would want to be talked to? And then to have the nerve to show continually show it as a highlight!! Part of me thinks the show should be taken off the air. And why would the producers want to show that? It’s disgusting!!

  2. Please take off that show called FIXER UPPER, and Property Brothers and a few others that are not worth watching. I like the show LOVE OR LIST IT and all the HOUSE HUNTERS AND HOUSE HUNTERS INTERNATIONALLY. The show FIXER UPPER stayed on for the entire weekend back to back. You use to play good shows, but you replaced them with awful shows. If you continue to play bad shows I will have this channel removed. Thank you

  3. I know an amazing couple here that renovate homes,are builders and real estate agent. Would like to send pictures and information to the proper contact . Could you please inform me who would be the HGTV person to send this information .

  4. i have watched hgtv since aired,Oct i got invitation to go see meet an eat luch with renovate to Andover ma.well never ever have been so humiliated an craped,let see. one Neither one was even there,2 lunch was a stirafoam togo ben sandwhic hard as hell,drink was tap water.3 m3 players dollar from china an 50 lapp tops never happened to 50 people.So how do they get to use HGT to pull people in.Not that anyone is going to care how we felt.Just so disapointed all was a lie.

  5. Please remove Flip or Flop from your lineup!! Those two aren’t fooling anybody and I’m tired of not watching HGTV entire Thursday evenings!!

  6. Beth,

    Stop with the loser attitude. In this day and age, you can video the doors and the construction of the doors in your own shop. You can make a Youtube video and mention that they were featured in HGTV dream house. They don’t have time to mention every craftsman from tile guys to plumbers to electricians. It is for the viewer and not a trade show.

  7. Amen! Love Chip and Joanna and Fixer Upper. They have an amazing family and treat each othet so wonderful! Now Flip or Flop with Tarek and Christina since they are split up is ridiculous to see commercials about how wonderful the holidays are and getting to spend time with family!

  8. Oh Wanita, I know this is an old post, but I’m so sorry for your struggles:( I know that our God Jesus can supply all our needs according to His richeous in Glory!! I pray for you to be blessed abundantly and that your children grow up to be filled with blessings and the joy of The Lord! I pray you got through your struggles and that The Lord supplies all your needs! God loves you!!

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