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Phone Number: 1-877-327-9515

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  1. I work for a university and we had been using the Higher One debit card for our student refunds and all I heard was how many various problems the students were having. Many along the lines of the previous comments. We no longer use the service.

  2. I got my card in the mail about a week ago,I lost my old one.My card didn’t work at multiple places including the atm and the bank. I called to see if this was happening to just me. She said it was happening to multiple people and that my card will work in a buisness day and eaither way I could go to a bank they could withdraw my money. I repeated what she told me to her several times and she said yes ma’am. I went in the morning still no luck. She was in a hurry and just wanted to get me off the phone. It was a friday but as someone who works in customer service i know you put the customer first. I went out of my way and was late to work because I trusted what she told me. As soon as I can contact the, on Monday sense they are dumb and dont open on weekends. I’m going to withdraw the money and canceling my card. Its not worth the wait and they are the most useless company.

  3. these ass holes are scams.. i called to complain .. no nobody is picking up the phone, they will lie to you just to get u off the phone, they are a joke DO NOT, DO NOT DO NOT GO THROUGH THIS SCAM CRAP… IF U ARE DUMB ENOUGH I CANT STOP U… ask me on facebook what happen look up michael lee reintjes and i will be hapy to inform u what this bank is doing

  4. I have never experienced any company with practices almost Mafioso style. This company tells people lies, just bold face lies. I was told I could get all of my refund off the card by using any ATM with a certain logo and would not be charged the 15-30% cash advance fee from Higher One, and my bank. Wrong! My bank charged nothing. All the money was going to them In fact, I could not get “all” of my refund from any ATM, because there is a $500 limit for ATM withdrawals, the customer service rep assured me that ATMs with the Pulse logo would, even gave me the address to the nearest location that would allow me to withdraw higher amounts with no fee assessed. Wrong! The card is charged a fee for attempting to withdraw .Yes, I said Higher One claims you can take out $500 or more from this Pulse Logo ATM, for no charge, then you get charged fees for trying it, you realize the ATM won’t let you. You can make purchases, but every time you use your pin number, there is a fee. They should be prosecuted for EXTORTION!

  5. HigherOne SUCKS!!!!! This is the ONLY pre-paid debit card company I’ve EVER dealt with that doesn’t have ANY weekend LIVE customer assistance!!! My student loan was released to my college two days ago and I can’t do ANYTHING without my card number, and it’s still in the mail…what a scam!!! This is how big banks manage to hold onto MILLIONS (probably BILLIONS) of consumer dollars for several extra days, drawing daily interest on those billions, of course. I’ve seen the same thing with large state and federally funded agencies when I ran a large government funded non-profit corporation. They would be several days late paying their large financial obligations, drawing interest on the money they held…THIS PRACTICE SHOULD BE CRIMINALIZED!!! When are we going to wake up and hold banks and public funded organizations ACCOUNTABLE????

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