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How to Contact Hilton HHonors Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-800-548-8690

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  1. I pay Hilton way too much money to be again disregarded like this when in need. I know the amount I spend is peanuts on your spreadsheet but keep in mind the hidden cost of a disgruntled customer spreading the word and selling against your programs. My Marriott rewards card has been idle way too long. You can follow this thread on Facebook and other social media under Hilton Sucks. Arrivederci…

  2. I booked a reservation online; thought I was speaking with Hilton; found out the hard way that I had actually booked through a third party. It was a nightmare dealing with them for a refund! I was told by the third party I couldn’t use my points; he could only offer me 15% off room rate; that I would get points for my stay (which was untrue) and the price he quoted me was different than the confirmation via email I received. After 1-1/2 hours on the phone, I finally got the escalation supervisor to grant me a full refund so I could book my reservations through Hilton. Online booking is tricky; be careful. Debbie

  3. You make it impossible to reserve using points. You require us to changeour PWs, and then tell us we cannot change PW because we are already registered. Maddening. Is it possible to speak with a human??

  4. I think Hilton should inform their Hilton Rewards customers that when you book the computer; you could be booking through a third party who lie and cheat you!!! This happened to me this weekend. I called Hilton Rewards to

    inform them and I have not heard from anyone!

  5. My father passed away two weeks ago. He and my mother had Hilton Honors cards, he was the primary holder, she had a card with her name on it. They cancelled her card and TOOK ALL THE POINTS THEY HAD EARNED TOGETHER. Hilton may have every right to do this based upon some fine print hidden in the depths of a disclaimer statement. My point is this, just because you can do something does not mean you should. He passed away, she is grieving and now you are going to throw salt in the wound. She spoke with four people all RUDE! “Cut your cards up, they are no good”. “The points were his, we are taking those back”. REALLY!!!! Hilton Honors, you are in need of a new name….HEARTLESS HILTON! Someone needs to make this right and do the right thing! Her name was on the card! She wrote the checks to pay the bill! This is how you treat your long term customers?????

  6. Customer service with the HHH does suck. I have been waiting for almost 2 years for my card. It would come in handy if I had one in my wallet. I haven’t memorized my number and don’t plan to. I honestly do not see what the problem is in sending the card out. I’m going to give them a call in a few minutes to attempt to get one sent to me, but I’m not going to hold my =breath.

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