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How To Contact Hollister Stores Customer Service

Hollister Stores, A popular youth orientated clothing store. Toll Free Number 1-866-426-1285 for US and Canada. International Customers Dial 1-614-219-5593 1-866-426-1285


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  1. I think you have a bad taste in your gift Bags. The Bags should be plain because they look to much for young teenagers the ones of today. You need to change the Bags. I heard when grandparents go it they like the clothes but the Bags are not good.

  2. Their customer service is awful!!

    My son bought shirts from the store,. One of the pairs they did not have his size, so they said they would expedite ship it to him. We waited 10 days and received nothing. He called them and they said there was no order for him. Thank God he had his receipt!! We reordered it and was told it was expedited shipping. We would get it in 4 days. It’s been over a week and we are told another 3 days. The customer service rep to say the least was RUDE!!! She talked over me, was snotty and she told me she has been a customer service rep for 35 years. I don’t know how she has a job!!

  3. I took my 12 yr old daughter to the Parkersburg WV store last Saturday since she received a couple gift cards for her birthday. Upon checking out I ask, politely I might add, for a bag that didn’t have a naked man on it. The supervisor checking me out said, with an attitude, we don’t have any other bags and then forcefully tossed my two tops on the counter. Before anyone had a chance to say anything else, a little blonde, better known as Morgan said, and I quote “if you don’t like it then get the F… Out of the store”! I looked at her and said honey I wasn’t speaking to you I was speaking to your supervisor and once again this little girl said “if you don’t like it get the F… Out! The supervisor said nothing so I said to her, now I need the store manager. A young gentleman by the name of Brett came over to me and I explained what just happened asking him if this is their normal practice around this store? He apologized for the whole situation but I told him the one who owes me and my daughter an apology is the little girl behind him that has such a “potty” mouth and obviously does not have any business working with the public. I then ask for their corporate phone number and Brett said I don’t have a number but I can give you this card which had an email address. I thanked him letting my daughter know we will NOT be back in this store! And furthermore I will be sharing my very unfortunate and shocking experience with family and friends! I am appalled and disgusted that we were treated with such disrespect and can only hope that the proper action has taken place by the management team. Once again let me say how very RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL and VULGAR Morgan was!

    Note: I don’t use the email provided on any regular basis so please don’t respond to me. (It’s required in order to submit this message). I am done wasting my time on this matter and I will pray for this young gal because she obviously need some help

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