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How To Contact Houzz Customer Service

Houzz Customer Service Phone Number for Support and Help

Text 1-833-865-0572 or chat with Houzz Monday to Friday from 5am-4:30pm PT, and Saturday 6:30am-2:30pm PT


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  1. I order an item and they told me it was out of stock and cancelling the order. 5 weeks later they billed by credit card and are sending me the item without confirming reorder. No phone number to reach them, no e-mail to reach them. It seems like a gimmick.

  2. I have been trying for over a week to return 2 Barn Solar Lights. They were too large for my shed.

    I keep getting an error message and am unable to receive an RMA #. I only receive automated responses and they are not responding to help me. I’ve tried several computers and the error message is the same.

    How am I supposed to return this 10 lb. box of 2 lights? this is what I get….

    oops, an error has occurred

    you have reached this page because an error has occurred.

    error id: 164:16-04-11-08-54-45-655

    I would appreciate a response that could help me!!!

  3. I ordered a queen sleeper over a month ago and was told they are scarce which tells me it is on backorder. I have visitors coming within a week and must have some place for them to sleep. Please cancel Order 1535-6019-3459-6841.

  4. I ordered a comforter on Sept. 16, 2015, order no. 1512-5042-59129132. You were going to send me a confirmation email; however I misspelled my email address. It is @gmail.com I will wait to see if I get the confirmation email. Thank you

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