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How To Contact How to Contact Husky Tools Customer Service with Their Phone Number for Support & Help

Husky Tools are Home Depot’s store brand of power and hand tools. Husky tools have a lifetime warranty and they are backed by the reputation of Home Depot.

Husky Tools Brand Website

Home Depot Customer Support: 1-800-466-3337

Husky Customer Support: 1-888-434-8759

Home Depot Canada: 1-800-628-0525 1-800-466-3337


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  1. I bought a 149 piece mechanics socket set worst socket set ever purchased have it organized then put in foam insert then close lid sockets are all over in case next time I use it.

  2. I bought a Husky Mechanics tool set 268 piece set fxho01st76kj0 and it had 2×1/2 inch 12 point 1/4 drive sockets,how do I trade 1×1/2 for a 9/16 socket? The san angelo tx. Home Depot didn’t have one to exchange with me.I bought the set on paypal from Abilene tx. because they did not have one in stock localy.

  3. Called about replacing my Husky measuring tape , the tape had broke. Talked to customer service about this and was told that tools only fall under the warranty . That tape measures do not, this is false advertising when it say life time warranty on Huskey tools. Last time I checked measuring tapes were tools.

  4. Terrible products that fall apart. Bought TWO air compressors that worked for a sort period of time. 1 month on the first two weeks for the next. Absolute garbage. Will never give my money again

  5. I purchased the husky socket, wrench, allen set all in one box a couple of year back. The box is the one that seperates in half and drawers that come out. At any rate the hinges have broke is there a way to get a new box? I love this set but the box makes it hard for me to move it around. Thanks

  6. where do we take a ditatal tork wrench #pn 509466 as it is not working please return the info

  7. I purchased the husky 3-piece knife set from hope Depot the utility knifes are very good and work as expected but the knife included has come open on my belt several time while I’ve been in the sitting position I have one to my office partener and it also came open on her the safety device works great to close it but it opens to easy and can cause serious injuries just to let you know

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