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How To Contact Ibanez Customer Service

ibanez manufacturers guitars and musical equipment. They are owned by Hoshino Gakki from Japan. 1-215-638-8670


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  1. I just ordered the Ibanez AE2412 electric acoustic from Sweetwater and they notified me that this guitar wasn’t in stock yet. I’m wondering if you can give me a time frame of when this guitar will be available to ship to me.It sounds like Ibanez only makes them a certain time of year. I would appreciate any info that you could send my way. Thanks!

  2. I recently got a chance to play the Ibanez FR 365, I fell in love with this guitar. It plays and frets as well as my Fender Telecaster. The problem is that I cant find one. All of the distributors that i deal with are telling me that it is discontinued. What a shame. The reviews that i have come across for this guitar have been excellent. The same goes for the FR 365-TBF, also discontinued. If there is anybody that could help me achieve a purchase that is reasonable, it would greatly be appreciated.

  3. I recently purchased a Ibanez MS510 A-Style Mandolin. I am having problems in setting up this instrument. The G string THUNKS and buzzes and the E string buzzes. I tried raising the bridge but this didn’t seem to help. Also I have no idea if the bridge is in the right place. I would think when you buy a quality instrument it would come set up. Please advise on this. Thank you.

  4. First, it is important to know that I am not a hater nor do I have any prejudices against any guitars. I personally own a PRS, Gibson, EVH Wolfgang, EVH Striped series, ESP, and the Ibanez JS24P. Although this was not the high end Japanese model, it still was pricey enough to cost me over $1,500 after taxes brand new. Keep in mind at the time I was a novice and did not know much about guitars. At that time I bought them based on endorsements from some of my guitar heroes. Studying everything I could about Joe Satriani, I knew there was no way he would endorse something that was crap. I was wrong in a big way. The day after I purchased it I took it home and immediately saw that the high E string kept getting stuck under the 3rd, 4th 6th and 8th Fret. I took it to a guitar tech close to my work and learned that 8 frets were popping up and needed to be glued down.

    I know the smart thing to do was take it back to Sam Ash but again, I was a novice at this guitar stuff and being as the Hollywood Sam Ash was a bit of a drive, I felt it would be easier to have the guitar tech glue the frets back in place. After I received it back, the frets were fine and I started to play it. Right away I noted that the B string was off, no matter how I tuned it. Thinking it was just me, I let it pass. I then noticed that the neck was crooked and more frets were popping up. After about 4 months I took it to a highly recommended tech here in Glendale, CA. First, the Ibanez Edge (Their style of the Floyd Rose) was defective at the B string and needed to have something done to it to raise the string level. Once that bomb was dropped, the teck dropped the second bomb, stating the neck bolts had been stripped and someone at the factory simply shoved wood in and screwed them back on. Two of the screws were loose and just sat there. This guitar was never out of my sight, even when the first tech worked on it I was right there watching. If that was not bad enough, I learned there were 6 other frets raised that needed to be glued down. Once all of the work was done, to include the first repair, I put another grand into it.

    I now there are those out there who say you get what you pay for and my answer to them is you clearly don’t. I paid the same for my Gibson Les Paul, less on my Wolfgang, only half on my ESP/LTD Elite Series and just a small amount more on my PRS S-2. All of these were out of the box perfect. I have guitars from USA, Korea, and Japan. No issues whatsoever. I also know there are those that will say that one bad guitar does not spoil the brand. That I will agree with to an extent. Frets do come unglued due to weather and shipping, but 18 out of 24? Really??

    I am hoping that those who read this post garner from it what was meant. Really take the time to inspect your guitar from top to bottom and do take advantage of stores 30 day policy. I personally will not buy an Ibanez again.

  5. I just got an Ibanez acoustic guitar model number PF5 N, serial number 92119112. I am trying to find out any information about this guitar. I would love to learn it’s history. I see that it was made in Korea. Thank you.

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