IBC Bank Customer Service


How To Contact IBC Bank Customer Service

IBC bank is located in the American Southwest, mostly in Texas and Oklahoma. IBC offers both branch locations and online banking services.


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  1. Do not use online bill pay. If you ever need to edit a reoccurring payment the next time the payment is submitted it will send the payment twice, and then you call to have one of the payments stopped and they say it was drafted by the payee.

  2. I went into my branch AGAIN for the SAME issue … the ”manager” was not there … someone was ”going to call me” … but never did … then … to RETALIATE because I said I would pull both my accounts and post to all of Facebook WHY if I had to be inconvenienced like that … they pull even MORE ”creative bookkeeping” … I tried to reach Corporate headquarters but three calls … ALL resulted in ten minutes plus of phone ringing and never answered … this is the ”We do more ” customer service IBC brags about ???

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