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How To Contact Infinity Customer Service

Infinity Automobiles are the premier line of cars and trucks owned by the Nissan Auto Company.


3 Responses

  1. I did not wrote to you previously,

    Stop your stupid Ad, having a German man with a German accent yelling !!

    We do not speak to each other with such hard sounding language

  2. Sir,

    I am protesting against your ad, when you have a what appears to be a ” German accent “, speaking man angry of a car..

    Let me tell you, Germany does have the best cars in the world and I resent the constant “putting down “, us the Germany people “.

    We are hard working people and not people who ” beg “, the Government for anything, as I see other nations do constantly.

    I would suggest to take that AD down, it is very discriminating against all Germans.

    We do not speak to one another with such harsh sounding words.

    Helma R. Hintz

  3. I would really like to Thank Cyd Noble at Ext 86172 for all her help. Her service was amazing, she was very helpful and so friendly ! Thank you !

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