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iolo produces award-winning software that repairs, optimizes, and protects Windows computers.




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  1. I have had it with mouthy English ( as a third language) speaking bunch of money grabbing thugs. After 10 years these dirt bags programs don’t do what they claim. Make upgrades, then rename products, add programs & updates, followed by “malware” products that claim you have problems. When confronted, I made it clear Vipre & Windows Defender gave my 2 yr old HP a clean bill of health. They had the gall to tell me to remove their malware crap they tell you was part of your paid upgraded SYS Mech Pro.

    I caught them, hook line & sinker and what’s even worse….. They won’t do a damn thing . Paid ahead till 7/4/2020 yet ” no refund.” Per another “stupervisor ” I demanded to be connected to. ( And you really have no idea who they are connecting you to. I’m sure they pre-plan for complaints like I have described.

    I tried to call corporate management and could not weave through their tangled web of consumer avoidance traps..

    The FTC should be looking into the business practices & lack thereof of Iolo.

    Corporate greed, unprofessional degrading talk to subscribers and they have zero apathy for we the consumers.

    This behavior is wrong , If you’ve been through the same experiences with Iolo, you need to make your concerns known. Something must be done to end this breech of trust, especially since they use their “” accessing your computer and you don’t know all that they can do to even steal personal info and plant fraud attacks to your computer right under your nose.

  2. A Harry Ford (with foreign accent) called me. He said he was calling SM. I told him I would call to verify this. I could not find a phone no, for you. Is this a scam or not? I am unable to run a scan currently on my SM Pro. Richard Kuykendall Phone: 808 573-0424

  3. I too got the program through AOL. It never seemed to work right and was a memory hog. I uninstalled it and t left behind 26 files. I was only able to get rid of 11 with the drop down delete function. The others gave me cryptic messages such as “You have to be an administrator to do this. My user account is an administrator account as ix the “Administrator” account. Neither works. Anybody got xome workable ideas?


  4. I can’t get anyone on the phone I like cancel the 4.00 per month system mechanic and I can’t get anyone on the phone

  5. I have been trying to cancel my account but they are very evasive and damn near impossible to contact.. Worse company I have ever dealt with. Once I get rid of them, I will dump the worthless AOL also.

  6. If you were encouraged by AOL to add System Mechanic to your programs I would go to them as I am. I will stay with it to the point of harasement if I have to. They have messed up memory and cpu response on my laptop to the point of being unusable before I uninstalled it. Say after AOL!


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