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iYogi is an independent provider of on-demand tech support. iYogi gives you instant access to tech experts for multiple brands of PCs, software and connected devices, all in one place. 1-866-914-9049


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  1. Join the club. I obtained a 3 year contract in May 2016. I have been trying for a refund for over one month. Calling the technical line (which is a new number 1-866-714-4445) will only tell you that they are contacting the Customer Service to process your refund by waiting for 3 days, 2days, and as recently today 8/4/2016 24 hours. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that we have been screwed by the supposed honest and respected India people of New Delhi, India. They have a good market of crooks comparable to the USA. I have been on hold for over an hour listening to a recorded music melody more than 3 times. I finally wised up to the fact that I’ve been had!!!! The first time you get scammed shame on them, but the second time it happens shame on us. The FTC will do nothing for us. The BBB has my complaint but I am not holding my breath for success. Do yourself a favor by getting Symantec/Norton to clean up your computer when you need technical service. Do not trust anyone who calls you. Good Luck!!!!

  2. I ordered from IYOGI Office 16 in order to install windows 10, I paid for the item but I never received. I try al means possible to communicate with IYOGI customer Service and I have not have a respond from IYOGI. according to them I am a precious customer but the way I have been treated looks like I am the worst customer…I NEED MY MONEY BACK.

  3. I am still trying to get a holed of the company for my refund I was told was on the way as of April 9 2016 No answer on wrong number according to the tel company or a disconnected number I was so right to cancel

  4. This is to bad, they have always helped me, but I am old and not running a business. I still have a contract with them until 11/16 I would like to know if I-yogi is going to honor this ? Sorry to see you in this kind of deep dew, I guess when you get so big and try to sell things that people really don’t need you dig a deep hole

  5. This company is a fraud…I also have been waiting since December of last year for a refund for Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Office…I also had order another program that I never got…..this is a total of $569.00….

    I have talked to no less than 15 agents in the Customer service area…..they all promised that I would have the refund in 10 business days…..I could not have the refund put on my credit card because my account number had been stolen…who but Yogi could have given out the number?…..I have continually requested the refund but still do not have it..The last person I talked to said that he was going to put a high priority on this problem because the check had been requested 4 times according to my file and still had not been printed out and sent……

  6. I am in the same boat of never being able to connect to customer service. There is no recourse in order to recoup money misspent. I have called and emailed customer service so many times. I feel kind of lucky it was on $150.00, but I sure would like to have my money back. I have let the customer service phone ring for literally hours, and never a reply. I received an email that that would contact me in 24 – 48 hours. It has been two weeks and not a word. I am so unhappy with these people, and I am hooked into them really good. There has got to be some way to contact these people. If you know, would you please tell me??? Thank you.

  7. iyogi contacted me and told me that my computer was full of viruses, and in order for them to fix my problem I would have to get a new microsoft certificate and a new software licence I told them I had just paid support buddy to fix my computer,they told me they were crooks. Iyogi then blocked my computer so I could nt use it, and

    it would cost me $350.00 to fix it. they then told me to go to walmart and get a debit card for $350.00 which

    I did but it would not go through. So they told me to go to pal pal and put on $350.00, which I did and pay pal

    would not authorize it either, some how they managed to get it through, which I just found out by checking my bank statement. they were suposed to send me a contract via email which would show I had a lifetime tech

    support, which I never got. tried calling them on 1-877-704-3429 and 1-877-700-5208 both of which it would just ring and ring and no one would ever answer. the tech support guy I dealt with was Markn who spend 6

    days trying to fix my computer…needless to say this company is a scam and wont answer the phone and wont give me a refund…….

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