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How To Contact J-14 Magazine Customer Service

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  1. This is the worst magazine company every ordered magazine in November for Christmas present it is now Feb. still have not received magazine called company three times each time is a different story now telling me I won’t receive it till may don’t order this magazine they just take your money!!!!!!!!!!

  2. my daughter loves this magazine but you pay for a subscription and then they tell you 7 to 8 weeks to get your next issue that is crazy when you already got 2 and all you did was pay your bill,

  3. Okay I really liked this magazine until I realized how much crap is in it. Like I looked at the September issue and it had an unnecessary article I guess you could say about Nash Grier. Even this magazine is being immature and can’t get passed the fact that everyone makes mistakes. Why do we always look past thinks average human beings do? We forgive and forget, but when it comes to celebrity’s we always pin that one mistake they did against them, causing them to get hate and possibly there future dreams to be ruined. So take that into consideration

  4. hey like i sign up for the ipad mini and the drawing ended 2 days ago. i just want to see who won since i didnt get an email saying i won. and one more thing i have got my magazine for this month. WHY!!!!!!

  5. my may/june magazine didnt come in the mail yet its in stores UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. How could J-14 magazine cash my check and not send the magazine since January, 2014. We are in the month of April, I am disgusted with your company’s business ethics.

  7. Yesterday I made a subscript to J14 using my existing account.

    Today, I can’t find “customer service” on your web page and attempting to log on to my account using my email address (which was accepted yesterday) resulted in a message that you don’t know anyone with my email address

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