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How To Contact JCPenney Customer Service

JCPenney, one of America’s leading retailers, operates over 1,100 department stores throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.


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  1. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am so very upset how we have been treated by your customer service.

    We ordered a sectional sofa from the Pasadena Maryland JCPenny’s at Marley station Mall on 8/17/15. Order number 1462655. with sale assoc 627.

    The salesperson, my husband and myself set on the sectional we wanted. Same style (Track Arm) same color (khaki). She filled the order, we got a Penny’s card. Just had to wait for a delivery date 4 to 6 week.

    Shopping for the right sofa was very difficult, because my husband had a stroke and is paralyzed on his left side. When he found this one at JCPenny he was elate. It had the strong square arms he needed, it was the right height and depth, and the firmness was perfect.

    Our sectional sofa arrived today and was the wrong color.

    I told the driver that the color was wrong. he made a phone call and I spoke to a man that called himself “Mike G”. I was told I would keep this sofa till the right one was delivered.

    We went to JCPPenny’s at Marley station Mall to found out what happened.

    The salesperson knew who we were and agreed that the display sofa was the one we wanted. But, she called the color bone and not the color that it was khaki. this is where the mistake was made. Your salesperson did not know the names of the colors available. When she filled out the order she write in the wrong color bone.

    My problem is. If I want to get my original order I will have to pay another 4102.76. If I wanted to a sofa to set on till the correct one was delivered.

    Or I could wait 7 to 14 days for them to pick what I did not want. Wait 7 to 14 days to get my refund and then wait again another 4 to 6 weeks for my original order to be delivered. That would be 5 to 8 weeks without a sofa for my paralyzed husband to relax on.

    You may not know this. But, a wheelchair is a very uncomfortable thing to sit on.

    I told them to come get the sofa.

    See my dilemma well no sofa for 5 to 8 weeks or pay $8205.52 for one sofa and again wait to get a refund while you get the extra interest because we financed through your card.

    How can you help me with this? I have never heard of business done this way.


    Tracey Winter-Simms

  2. For the second time in less than six months, I went to your store to purchase sneakers. I did so and for the second time the plastic detector was left on the sneakers. I don’t know if you don’t teach your associates to take them off but this is so annoying and because of such I will NOT be buying my sneakers from your establishment anymore.

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