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How to Contact Jetflicks Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-888-227-6863 association with this company:

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  1. Dont bother cancelling or trying to get your money back, call it a loss and move on. It’s amazing what people are capable of getting away with. I guess if I could collect money for no services rendered it would be a sweet deal. I’m sure they are proud of themselves.

  2. Jetflicks is no longer in business. But they keep charging people. Contact your bank and file a dispute.

  3. How do you cancel when the site is down and no one answers. I have 9 months left on my contract and don’t like paying for something I have no access to.

  4. I’ve had a Jetflicks subscription for years. Every update seems to make the site worse. Shows disappear, episodes are missing and no way of contracting support. I won’t be renewing my subscription. Glad to pay more and not have the headache.

  5. Please see the comment I submitted on 6/27/16 under Jetflicks customer service phone number inquiries. And if you have found any better or more relevant information since this was posted please enlighten the rest of us. I Wan not sure at first if it was just me having these issues with jetflicks, but now that I see the growing complaints against their unavailability, surely we can get something done about this?!? Please take the time to add response or comments to these complaints and force a reply from jetflicks. Thanks, Rami

  6. I am going to have to cancel my script to jetflicks they never work it always stops and they charged me three times this month and I can’t get hold of anyone. Please be aware I don’t want this to happen to you they are crappie. They used to be great with no problems then they started charging for extras and they don’t down load coreectly

  7. The # 887-227-6863 is not even a working # any more. I love jet flicks as far as the shows they offer, the fact they have a yearly subscription rate that is cheaper than any other provider, hulu, sling, cbs, HBO & a lot of others, makes jetflicks an A in my opinion. The thing that drives me crazy, & makes me debate whether or not to continue subscribing is the fact they are down so often & I can not reach a live customer service representative by phone. They do have an email address, but it is anot her headache all in & of itself. If anyone out there has any similar experiences or advise on this please take the time to comment. Thanks, Rami

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