JuicePlus Customer Service


How To Contact JuicePlus Customer Service

140 Crescent Drive
Collierville, TN USA 38017-3374
Main Office Phone Number: 1-901-850-3000

Re-Order Number For Juice Plus: 1-800-347-6350

Email: customercare@juiceplus.com


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  1. Hi. Juice Plus is not yet in South Africa. We will probably expand there in the future. My website is frankwalton.juiceplus.com. We are in 25 countries now.

    God bless and best of health,

    Frank Walton

  2. They’re not lies. This is a big company and with that comes a few problems. Just 1/10% of customers having some difficult issues adds up to 100 if the company has 100,000 customers (which they do, including ‘distributors’). And certainly the few here don’t represent all those. The internet has a way of magnifying ever single problem as if the world was coming to an end (which it still may very well be).

    So keep some perspective.

  3. I am a distributor and I can’t order on line and the wait on the phone o

    Is 30-40 distributors ahead of you!! can’t order, can’t sell, can’t use.

  4. Can i change banks over as my payment comes out of friends account and want to change it to mine as need to pay late as not got a lot of wages this week if i can how do i do it

  5. I’m having a nightmare with this company, they don’t care about the customer just taking now my, have emailed for 4 weeks heard no response and when you call the office it says to email!!! I have an appointment with citizens advice, appalling service

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