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  1. I am very upset about our delivery. My husband is sick and all he wants is your paper. We didn’t get one Tuesday or today,Saturday. I have enough problems without your paper making it worse. I would quit it but it is all that helps him some. It is always happening. There is hardly a week go by that we don’t get the paper everyday. I don’t know who to complain to but is is so upsetting and makes my home very upset. Can anything be done about it? All he wants is his paper every day and the TV guide in sundays paper. PLEASE HELP ME

  2. I agree with all of the above comments. No wonder your paper is failing. Maybe we all need to subscribe to USA Today! Then there will be no delivery problems. Your circulation department is deplorable! Someone needs to be fired!

  3. I did not receive a paper on Sunday, March 20th. I called the number listed, but still no paper as of this morning. I didn’t receive a paper today either. Several years ago, I did re-delivery for a contract agent for the Star. I had to have missing or wet papers delivered by 11 AM. I received missing paper requests by phone from Star employees.

    It worked just fine.

  4. What is wrong with you people we unfortunately are the “victims” of your inept incompetent service missing papers How can you read all the complaints going back months about your indifferent attitude toward your customers complaints It’s insulting more and more of my friends have canceled their subscriptions but your service is so unacceptable the Pres of out Homeowners is fed up He has sent an E-mail to all 103 homeowners in here during them to cancel their subscriptions all together and to tell everybody they know to do the same They agree enough is enough

  5. It is 935am on Sunday April 13 2014 I still have not received a paper. I have lived at this address and taken the star for 12year.this has ben going on for all of these years this kind of service is why after taking the paper for aver 30 years I am going to cancel

  6. I have had there problems with delivery in the last two weeks.

    First my March 30th and April 6th Sunday papers did not have the TV section included for which I pay extra. I called about the April 6th and received it a day late. Third I have not not received my April 11th paper which I will receive tomorrow after going on line. Todays news tomorrow doesn’t cut it, no wonder people are going to the internet. I will say this, if this Sunday I don’t receive my TV section or I miss a delivery again in the coming weeks I will seriously consider cancelling my subscription when the current one runs out.

    I have been a subscriber for 29 years but with your constant price increases and poor delivery I wonder why.

    A senior citizen living on a fixed income.

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