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Keebler Produces foods and snacks including ice cream cones, chocolate chips, cookies, crackers, cheez-it and vanilla wafers. Keebler was formerly owned by Kelloggs. Keebler’s parent company is Ferrrero.

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I buy your cheese and peanut butter crackers all the time. I bought your 8 pack and several of the crackers didn’t have any peanut butter in them UPC 3010047324 expiration date Sep 15, 2023

I am writing to you about the peanut butter cheese crackers. Bar code 30100 47324 and expn. date July 23. I am so disappointed in you. The peanut butter can barely be seen and sometimes the crackers are great and sometimes they are so crumbly with no flavor. I bought 2 boxes of the above barcode. At least 3 to 4 packs in each box had several out of the 6 in the pack where it was simply 2 crackers put together and no peanut butter AT ALL. What has happened to your quality? You either have an equipment problem you need to address or you just don’t care to fix the problem. I would like someone to get back to me as this isn’t the first time there was a problem. Will you be improving on these mistakes or should I simply stop purchasing your product? Would like a response. Thank you.

could you put any less peanut butter in your keebler peanut butter crackers? if you did they wouldn’t be any peanut butter at all. and it’s probably not even real peanut butter at that. you’ll do whatever it takes to rip the customer off and fill your pockets. this company is a joke. bad comment after bad comment. 30 bad comments to one good comment. if that doesn’t say it all I don’t know what does.

Why did you change the recipie of the venna cookie it was bad enough you shrunk the box and charge the same price once a great product now a cheap tasting cookie shame on you keebler you just lost a long term customer


My mother and I would share the bag. She ate the vanilla and I ate the chocolate one.

Can’t you please, please bring them back?????

I too bought a box that smelled and tasted bad. I live in OK. I don’t have the code because I discarded the box. But the ones I have now taste a little different too (maybe a little stale) but not like the other box

Hello, my name is Patrick Pope, I’m writing you about that fabulous tasting opera cream cookies, simply one of the best Keebler cookies of all time, and perhaps one of the best cookies of all time, please, please, let the young people of America have a chance to savor a wonderful tasting cookie that they can’t put down, I’ve work over 25 years in the airline industry, so I’m a pretty good judge great things, believe Keebler your Opera Cream cookie is one of them. Also, could possibly add millions and millions of revenue to your company and your employees!!!

I’m having the same problem with Town House Light Buttery Crackers REDUCED FAT.

Bought at Price Chopper and Weis Markets also in New York state. At least the birds are eati

ng good.


My wife boght a box of Keebler Townhouse original crackers yesterday.

Today Feb. 21, 2015, she asked me to try some and you could not get them from the

box to your mouth with out it crumbling. They were a waste of money.

UPC #30100 10055. Looks like the production run was K10919. Looking to

get some kind of acknowledgement from your company.

Thank You

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