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KIA is the South Korea based manufacturer of cars and suv’s. KIA America is based in California and cars are made both in the USA and in South Korea. 1-800-333-4542


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  1. I have been trying since 1/13/17 to get a payoff so I can get my mortgage to underwriting. Each time I call Kia I’m given different information and promised I would get it within in 2 or 3 days (depending on who happens to answer the phone). A payoff can only be faxed, no email. Records of calls are sketchy, I was told my first call was on the 18th, and that my call to request the payoff was just received on the 23rd, as noted above I called on the 13th. I finally asked for a supervisor who said he would expedite it and I would get it (hopefully) that day. Nope! Called that evening to find out the status and the rep I spoke to said since I just requested the payoff I must wait 3 days. After a long discussion she finally said she could fax the original payoff that was supposedly sent but it was only good for the 23rd – the day I was speaking to her. This was the first time someone offered to print and fax the payoff to me instead of requesting the Payoff department to do so. Since customers cannot speak to the payoff department, I told her to fax it anyway because hopefully the bank can calculate the per diem. I was surprised to find that the payoff requested (10 day payoff with a per diem) does not really contain a per diem. In kia’s world the per diem is included in the 10 day payoff amount. She later asked if I wanted 10, 20, or 30 day payoff I told her to send all three and to send them all to both my mortgage company and my work fax . Kia does not email and evidently the fax does not work because neither myself or my mortgage company has received any payoff, Love my car but must say the next car will never be a Kia. Lastly, find it interesting that this site asks for an email yet Customer Service can’t utilize email to assist you. I’m also intrigued by the addition of “comments will be added pending approval by the webmaster” is that so reviews can be scrubbed of undesirable comments?

  2. I have had several problems with my 2014 Kia also and now they are wanting to really take us to the bank. My A/C stopped, paid $1200 to get if fixed and now it is not working again and guess what,,,,,they want another $1200. This is my 3rd Kia and I will make it my life work now to discourage anyone wanting to buy one of these inferior automobiles.

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