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Kia Roadside Assistance Customer Service Telephone Number and Contact Information. Contac tKia Roadside Assistance Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.
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  1. Got a flat tire and disc diformation. Called to RSA and I was promised to get towing truck in about 40minutes. In 40 minutes I ve got the text message saying that towing truck should be here within 10 minutes. 15 minutes later no one came. I called back and I was told that truck is 15-20 minutes away. But no one shows up in 20 minutes. I called again and again, every time they been telling about another 20 minutes. I had appointments and obviously could not make it anymore. Long story short I stucked with my car for 3 hours!!!!!!!! 3 hours!!!! The dealeraership close at 6, so when I finally got there it was too late to have it fixed the same day. I ended up calling to AAA who came within 15 minutes! As a result my entire day was wasted and not sure how soon I will be able to get my car back from dealership tomorrow. I have guests from another country and they have limited time here and we did not plan to spend our day like this. I am not the one who writes reviews but this nonsense situation made me do it! Why say 20 minutes if you never were going to Show up??? Never ever call them!

  2. While visiting family out of town I couldn’t find my keys. I called KRA to unlock the car and within 15 minutes of the phone call Jim’s 24 hour Service in Lafayette, IN arrived. The driver was courteous and knowledgeable and had the car open in minutes.

    From the person that took my first call, to the service truck, to the robo-dialed phone calls, I was kept informed of what was happening and if service had been completed. Overall, I had a very positive experience on a recently purchased pre-owned vehicle.

  3. Unfortunately i was never able to speak to anyone so i can’t rate the actual service. Everything seemed so convenient with the cell phone app and website but when it came time to confirm service, i stayed on hold for over an hour. Unfortunately i had to go to work and called AAA.

    And no Steve, when you pay for a 20,000 car, you shouldnt have to pay to get your door pryed and scraped open. But what do i know.

  4. We recently had a blowout on I-65 in Indiana. We were lucky to get off the road without incident. We were travelling home at the end of a holiday weekend so there was a tremendous amount of traffic. Upon calling Kia Roadside Assistance, we gave all of our info but the agent was not able to find us in the system and kept insisting we needed a 16 digit VIN not a 17 digit VIN. Then she told us that we were in a rental car and to call the rental company. We told her that it was our car. She then proceeded to spend valuable time updating all of our pertinent info while we sat off the road with cars and semis clipping past us at 80 miles per hour. Then she tried to no avail to use the locating system for both my phone and my husband’s even though I told her exactly where we were located using the next exit number. After 40 minutes, I finally screamed at her to get a tow truck out to us as I was afraid we were going to be hit. She actually asked my husband to get out of the car and look at the VIN number on the door to see if it was right. Finally she did call a truck, they were there within 35 minutes, they changed the tire and helped us get out into traffic. I have complained to both KIA customer service and roadside assistance in addition to the survey immediately following our call. I will definitely think twice before buying another KIA as this woman put our lives in danger with her inability to help us in our time of need.

  5. Worts service ever.they dont even show up if you don’t answer their first call. I locked my keys in my car at 6 : 30. Two requests and 20 service agents later, my cat is still there and I needed a ride home. It is 10 pm. stupidg pathetic

  6. I too am shocked! I have had great service from Kia and when I needed roadside service in 2015, they were there within an hour and my car was taken straight to Kia where it was fixed immediately (battery leaking). The only reason I gave 4 stars, it just so happens that I needed service again 4 nights ago. Tried calling roadside service and the phone number is disconnected that is in my road service booklet, so I had to call AAA.

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