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How To Contact Kijiji Customer Service

Kijiji is a free online classified ad site that is owned by They do not offer a contact telephone number. Their service is is through their help forms only. is not associated with Kijiji. We provide their contact information as a service to our users.

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  1. Hi, I am just writing to make you aware that there is a scam back on kijiji right now. I almost got caught but I am very cautious. The person pretends to want the item but then asks you to pay shipping ( company is Argo shipping)etc etc.

  2. Hi there , please can you help me I have problem I send to meny times my add thay can take .

    I neet to rent my house please help me .

    I was really happy with Kijiji I don’t know now .

    98 Fairbank ave Toronto

    Filomena Sheldia

  3. I have been scammed by an ad on kijiji

    This company claims to deal with kijiji .

    I need some answers.

  4. NOW, since being charged for my rental ads there have been a number of problems.

    I now pay and get less service.

    #1 my pictures are not loading like they used to. I can only get 1 picture to load correctly, any additional pics load in upside down or sideways, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??????

    Are you now planning to CHARGE for additional pics?

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