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Krups Manufactures small appliances like coffee makers and espresso machines, blenders, mixers, and toaster ovens.

By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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I just got off of the phone with your “customer service” after a 30 minute hold time. Rude dismissive and condescending. The absolute worse customer service I have had the misfortune of talking to. Do better Krups.

I need to speak with someone. About a year ago I purchased a Krups GX5000 thinking all the hype about the reliability was valid. In the last coup[e of months the motor sounded like it was “laboring” during use. It apparently was because this morning…half way through a grind it just slowed down and STOPPED! I had to finish the grind using my “MAGIC BULLET MB100!B”. There simply is something about coming between a man and his morning coffe that should never be done….and this morning it was. Junk doesn’t usually hang around my house very long. Can this be fixed?

My Krug coffee maker is leaking profusely from the area where it indicates water content. Help.. I nearly got electricuted

Ihave a Krups coffee grinder that has been used at least 5 times per week since purchased in 1979. Still works like a new one ! Is this thing going to last forever ?

My suggestion buy another one on e-bay et. al. for $20.00 US or there about. Use the new one and cannibalize your old one for spare parts. Your old cutting blade may be in better shape than the newly purchased one. Best advice hand wash the unit forget about the dishwasher.

I have a two cup coffee pot had it for a few yrs then all of a sudden the cheap place piece holding a full pot of coffee slide off and scalded me w hot coffee called the company they said it was to old they don’t sell it anymore so here’s a twenty dollar credit to a new 70 dollar coffee pot THE REPRESENTATIVE AND SUPERVISOR WERE SO DEFENSIVE AND RUDE I am so mad at this point I definitely won’t be spending 70 dollars when they sell almost the same one in grocery store for twenty dollars……..manager would not shut his mouth and listen and stop talking over me I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING THAT IS MADE BY THEM AGAIN U JUST LOST A LIFE TIME CUSTOMER GOOD JOB

I have a $200.00 Krups coffee maker and it stopped working. I called them and they offered me $20 rebate. They don’t care…. terrible customer service. The girl on the phone was nice and it isn’t her fault but Krups as a company apparently doesn’t care. Here is an example of a good company that stands behind thier product and actually cares about their customers and reputation. My conair hairdryer stopped working so I called in, they told me to mail it in, no questions asked… 2 weeks later they sent me a brand new one. Way more than I expected of them. I thought they would repair mine. How about that!!! I am loyal to Conair forever and I tell everyone about it. I will share my experience with Krups also with everyone to prevent people being stuck with non-working Krups products and being left on your own. Stay away from Krups…. the product isn’t cheap but the service is.

I have used and loved electronic kettles for my tea. I’ve had 2 Krups in 3 years that have leaked from the bottom of the kettle itself! I will NEVER buy another again…and that’s because the customer service rep was so rude!

This is the LEAST customer friendly small appliance manufacturer I have ever purchased from. There is a serious burn issue with the Silver Edition Coffeemaker…it leaks from the bottom. The customer service representatives are negative and defensive. That is not Customer service , it is How to save Krups money and forget about pleasing the buyer. I was told they have a “No replacement policy and only do repairs”. That says it all. I love my new Bonavita !

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