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  1. To: Kirk Hansen-CEO and Founder of Kyani.

    My name is Ofelia Corpus, Jade Director from Los Angeles,CA Area since 2010. I’m writing this letter directly to you because of an urgent issue that happened in April 20,2015 from the shipping and handling of the Customer Service Dept and the FEDEX of the Kyani products I ordered on 4/10/15 : 2 bottles of Sunrise, 2 bottles of Sunset and one bottle of Nitro-Extreme and immediately charged my account for $243.06 the same day. I did not receive the products up until 4/15/15 which is the third day of the shipment so I made a call the following day 4/16/15 and I found out from NELLY(a Customer Service Team Lead) that the shipment was broken by FEDEX on there way to deliver to my business-residential address on 4/15/15. Then Nelly did a replacement order shipping standard overnight to the warehouse the same day to avert further delay. Because of what had happened from the damaged delivery Nelly had pointed out to me the assurance that it will arrive to my place on or before 8pm on 4/17/15 in order to avert more delays. I made a follow up call spoke to KATHRINE(representative) first hour on 4/17/15 and she said will arrive to my place at 8PM as well. I waited but unfortunately there was no delivery at 8pm. First hour on the day of 4/20/15 I made another call to Kyani Customer Service and I spoke to IVANA (Manager) and she’s claiming that the product will arrive todays date to my place because it was shipped delayed on 4/16/15 which was already another three days delayed. I asked for the tracking number 636105978070 for FEDEX so I went on to my investigation. As I arrived to the FEDEX station I found out from Teresa (representative) and RICK (overall supervisor) that the product never left Idaho WAREHOUSE on 4/16/15 because of mechanical delay and from the warehouse it went to TRUCK in the evening going to POCAT-Idaho so the product was still in Idaho on 4/17/15 leaving in the aircraft in the evening heading towards Oakland on 4/18/15 and arrived in Los Angeles to Lancaster on 4/20/15 at 8:25AM.The product was finally delivered at exactly 12:48PM to my address after all the commotion and days of delays. Unfortunately, I just received one box containing only one (1) bottle of Sunrise, one (1) bottle of Sunset and one(1) bottle of Nitro Extreme with the invoice #4031874 with an enclosed quantity of five(5) items so therefore there was a missing set of each item that was not included in the package and that makes me upset because after all this delays my clients in my group who ordered and waiting will be more upset to me because there was no product I could offer them. I called customer service again and left a message to the overall supervisor in charge and finally had a conversation with JONATHAN (Title-Global Supervisor of the Customer Service) and I was very disappointed on the way he handled the issue. I asked him straight “What happen to the shipment and where is the rest of the replacement order?). He answered me back that is was already delivered in one package and said that he is not sending anymore replacement products which make me even more upset. And because of what I heard from him I had raised my voice and out of anger I asked him “Jonathan are you going to ship me the replacement product that I already paid for or we’re going to a lawyer to force you to send me the product?” And he quoted right away” if that’s what you wanted I will give you our legal dept email address and tell your lawyer to email our legal dept.” But then I told him it’s not what I wanted but a resolution to the problem now. You and your staff had given me a hard time and gang up on me. I was very surprised because as a supervisor I expected him to initiate a resolution instead of fighting back and making the issue complicated. M.r Hansen I was too stress out about the situation and time consuming spending my gas going back and forth to FEDEX and going in circle with your staff in the customer service dept. I have disabled and elderly clients that awaits the product. I am hoping that this issue will be address and handled properly as soon as possible. I have proof of the received package and a written note from the FEDEX that the package contains only of three (3) items instead of five items (5) but the enclosed invoice was written with a quantity of five (5) items. I also took a picture of the size of the box that contains the three products. Furthermore, I have discuss this also with Jonathan but he claimed it was all send in one package and refused to send the replacement with conditions that concerns customer servicing I felt I’m being harassed by Jonathan. I would like to request for an immediate investigation on the part of customer servicing and the warehouse packaging. Because at this point of dealing with Jonathan and his staff I deserve to get an explanation and apology. Looking forward for your kind response on this matter.

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