LADWP Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Customer Service


800-342-5397 is How To Contact LADWP Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Customer Service

LADWP (Los Angles Department of Water & Power) is the largest municipal utility in the nation. LADWP was established more than 100 years ago to deliver reliable, safe water and electricity supplies to some 3.8 million residents and businesses in Los Angeles.

Phone Number: 1-800-342-5397


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  1. Outstanding Claim dated 4/7/2016 totally ignored by DWP. We need date DWP holds public meetings to go personally and request solution. Thank you!

  2. i have been searching for a customer service no. for the LADWP and cannot find one, searched and searched. This is crap why I cannot find a phone no. for the ladwp. I am not hearing impaired. Why isn’t it easily found, this is ridiculous!

  3. The Company is terrible. Constructions they start kill many small businesses, but they don’t care, since it is MONOPOLY. I wish they go to hell with their policies and procedures..

  4. Trying for 2 days to get someone on the phone to start new service and had to wait over one hour each time and still no luck. I don’t have time to spend days trying to get new service this is just ridiculous! They boast that they serve over 4 million customers but this is a great example that more is not always better. They can’t handle the amount of volume. I even tried to get online to start service and the site was down for ” maintenance” what a joke…

  5. I called LADWP Los Angeles Department several times since January 2014 and was such a waste of time and always got recording playing more than 30 minutes and never got a live person to answer and so I just hang up and so frustrated with this kind of inefficient service. Worst ever!!!!!

  6. Are the meter readers to lazy to read the water meters, because I have a reading of 1815 HCF and my December 2, 2014 bill has a previous reading of 1818 and current reading of 1882. THIS IS FRAUD BY THE LADWP AND MY NEXT EMAIL IS GOING TO MAYOR GARCETTI!!!!!!

    I have proof if anyone wants to start a class-action.

  7. I am waiting almost 50 minutes and listaning to recorded message, I only need to change jt. name to my account

    I did go personally to the office on Supelveda they did not help me wanted e to call. Please can some one help me

  8. My brother passed away a year ago, August 9. His acct number is 020 619 0000. I sent a letter to you on June 11, 2014 advising you of this, and attached a copy of my appointment, from the LA Superior Court of CA, County of LA, as Executor of his estate together with a copy of his Death Certificate. In that letter, I asked you to send a check for the $262.51 credit that is owed his estate. It is extremely difficult to get to speak to anyone on the telephone, as your lines are always busy, and I live in a different state. I would like to hear from you as to when I can expect a check from you.

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