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How To Contact LinkedIn Customer Service

LinkedIn operates the world?s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 90 million members in over 200 countries and territories.

Phone Number: 1-650-687-3600

Fax Number: n/a

Email Address:



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  1. Balance of Information can be found on LinkedIn
    I opened a Premium Business account on 8/27/18 which can be tried for free for one month and cancelled on 9/27/18. I incurred the following charges: 9/8/18$24.57 & 9/3/18 $31.59 a total of $56.16. DSince these charges were incurred during the FREE TRIAL PERIOD THEY SHOULD BE REFUNDED TO MY VISA.
    See Order ID:
    Kindly issue a credit to my VISA and confirm to my email address.
    Thank you,

  2. I have been trying the customer service phone number of LinkedIn block someone who is cyber-stalking me! The online Help does not respond nor does the phone number answer! PLESE HELP

  3. I need a refund! $607.55 was taken out of my account on yesterday, 4/26/18 and now I can’t pay my rent and my checking account may be overdrawn! I have been calling 866-699-4465 for hours with no success – the line is always busy morning, noon, or night!

  4. I am just now beginning to utilize LinkedIn. I have a few suggestions:

    1. Make it so we can easily identify those people we have already invited to connect. “Pending” should show up on the page showing multiple boxes and photos, whenever we have already invited those people, without us having to click on their page to find this out.

    2. When we click the x in the upper right corner, it means we don’t want to see that person again. And yet, I am seeing the same people again and again and again, even when I click the x multiple times. Ugh.

    Thanks for considering my perspectives.

  5. This company is a fraud. I have been paying premiums for three years now. I have not gotten a better job offer than a minimum wage job. I have been working for my entire life and am almost finished with a doctorate. My dumb sister-in-law put “homemaker” on her resume and landed a six-figure salary.

  6. LinkedIn is beginning to hack into members’ account and using it to add unknown members to boost their membership. Too bad. If you do not stop this trick I will arrange for a class action case against your organization. Crazy greedy one percent.

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