Lord and Taylor Customer Service


How To Contact Lord and Taylor Customer Service

Lord & Taylor is not only at the forefront in fashion and they set significant trends in the retailing industry.

Main Office Phone Number: 1-212-391-3344

Fax Number: 1-212-768-0743

Email Address: info@lordandtaylor.com

Lost or Stolen Gift Card: 1-800-223-7440

Bulk Gift Card Orders: 1-800-223-7440

Lord & Taylor Credit: 1-866-465-8292


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  1. I now work across the street from Lord and Taylor’s 5th ave store in NYC. It has been many years since I shopped at LT. In January 2015 I reapplied for a credit card. I send may lunch hours in LT as you can imagine.

    It is only three months later and I will consider spending time there due to the rude treatment i received from one credit services rep. On April 3 I paid the 15 dollar balance on my bill. yes just 15 dollars. When I went to make a purchase this week I was transferred to credit services by the sales associate, my cc did not clear the sale. That rep must have worked for the IRS she was rude and arrogant demanding payment. I paid on time she was wrong and the system was wrong. The problem was fixed by a kinder rep later. but this person has turned me off to shopping at LT. it takes all kinds yes. But I will go to Macys for lunch. thank you

  2. Please have someone call me as I would like to give a compliment to L&T regarding my shopping in NYC. My phone # is. Thank you

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