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  1. We purchased your luggage from Fred Meyer in Spokane , Washington, on 06/30/2013. It started coming apart the 1st plane ride when the zipper pull came off. We were very disappointed as we had never lost any part of our “OLD” luggage and it was from garage sales!!!!! It just got dirty, and, finally was stolen. How can you help us? We HAVE our receipt.

  2. I have an AMERICAN AIRLINES, a large suitcase, it has been great and is still in wonderful condition except for the rear swivel wheels, they drag when you try to pull with the extended handle. I have the tools and equipment to replace them if I could purchase a new set. Please advise.

  3. I want to buy a Olympia Hollywood (OF-4000-3 Series) large suitcase. I need to know if it is compliant with the California Law #65? This law is saying that there are no dangerous chemicals in the luggage. I cannot have one with dangerous chemicals. A store is holding one for me so I need to know asap if your luggage above mentioned is safe.

    Thank-you, Cheryl

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