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  • Impossible to talk to a customer service rep. Very sad they would block customers who would like help.

  • I stopped using them months ago. I have gone to the web site several times saying to cancel my subscription but I assume they keep charging me month after month, and will probably automatically renew my subscription whenever it expires. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL FOR A WEB SITE THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE DEVELOPING USERS BRAIN POWER AND ANALYTICAL SKILLS

  • It’s very easy to sign up for lumosity however you can’t cancel the site.

    I’ve not been able to use the site as it will not except my info. that I have on hand and I can’t

    cancel for the same reason. You can’t get a person on the phone , only a and that will not

    give you the infor. you need either. They just charged me $80.00 again.

    Funny how they know how to charge me but I can’t use the site and want to cancel.

    Boy , Oh Boy lumosity has their business plan right down to the penny.

    We pay, they no give. My next step is to post my problem on either U-Tube and face book or maybe both.

  • I was over-charged and unable to reach a REAL person, only an automated voicemail. I bought a family plan and am unable to have my family members access our family account. I like the games so far, not the customer service (as there is none).

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