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How To Contact Luvs Diapers Customer Service

Luvs Diapers are top quality diapers that cost less than the pricier brands. Luvs features an ultra-leak guard to keep leaks from happening.



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  1. luvs are terrible i will never pucrhase them again this is the second tie i gave them a try the leak and easly soaked and soggy. easy to rip and you can easly go through a 120 count in one week. this is awful dollar general pampers are found to be better. i really wish there was a way of getting a full refund however between having to take many to daycare most of them is used.

  2. I am not very happy I have bought luvs since day one when my child was first born and now all of a sudden every single box that I have bought all of the tabs are falling off and I am done with it I have bought two boxes of size 3 and over half of the diapers I have waste my money on and I can’t even use them because they broke I am a hard working person and I don’t wanna keep spending my money on cheap diapers I did like them but not anymore they need to fix this issue and get it resulted fast.

  3. Luvs are the worst diaper ever!!! It’s pretty bad when you can buy dollar general diapers that hold up better than Luvs, and not to mention you can never get ahold of customer service

  4. Absolutely love luvs diapers!!! They are the best for my 19 month old I wouldn’t switch to another brand for nothing #LUVS!#MOMMA

  5. ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS LUVS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BIG a parent you really don’t have time to be buying a hundred count of luvs diapers to have them give my baby daughter a huge rash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!unacceptable!!!!!!!!!!!! and for the price to by over $16…..dollars plus change makes me what to go to the company and SPIT in the OWNERS FACE the makers…..who ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its bad when you try diapers thinking that its a deal but then your 18 month old comes to you and starts crying because her private parts hurts because of a bad rash…..i think the company need to remake there band of diapers so it can be safe on my babies butt or any other babies butt……AND I WOULD LIKE FOR THE COMPANY TO REIMBURSE ME THE $17…..DOLLARS THAT I SENT….not trying to be nasty but i would like some help from some were………………?????????????????????????CONCERN PARENT.

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