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How to Contact MagicJack Customer Service for Support, Help, Ratings, Reviews and Complaints:

  • Phone number: 1-800-624-4252
  • Main Office: 1-561-594-9925
  • Live person hint: Press 1 for customer service
  • Email: Use Support Page
  • Live chat: Not Available
  • Hours: 24/7
  • Address: magicJack, L.P, 1655 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd # 1012, West Palm Beach, FL 33401
  • Website:

MagicJack Customer Service Information

MagicJack is a company that provides Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone services, and they also have a customer service team to help customers with any questions or issues they may have with their services. Their customer service team can be reached by phone, email, or live chat, and they are available during business hours. They also have an address where customers can send letters or packages.

About MagicJack

MagicJack is a company that provides Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone services. They offer a range of telephone services for residential and business customers, including local and long-distance calls, and international calls. They have been in the industry for many years and have a strong reputation for providing affordable and reliable services.

MagicJack Competition

MagicJack has competition from other companies that provide VoIP services like Vonage, and Ooma. Also, MagicJack faces competion for Apple, LG, and Samsung.


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125 Responses

  1. When renewing my subscription, I was offered a new and updated magic jack….wrong……..worst mistake .Called Customer Service for several days without getting anywhere with my problem. Be careful of the updated version of Magic Jack. Customer service is not efficient. The department does not seem as thought they know anything about their product.

  2. I renewed and received the same error! The kicker is that the payment came out twice along with two $1 test charges. I logged into my account and made the payment as I do every year for the last 5 years. When I called billing, I got the run around about my refund. They say the order did not go through and I should have made the payment right on my phone screen, and I did not know this. I have always done it through my account. So now, I am having major issues with getting the additional $40 refunded back to my card. Apparently the web has some tech issues right now and everyone is receiving this error code. Once this is settled, I am seriously contemplating as to if I will renew my service or not.

  3. I continually got the “No MagicJack? Click here” notice when I first got MagicJack. Just took me to their website for purchasing more services, etc. Finally figured out (I forget how!) that it was not recognizing my USB port. So I switched to another port and it relaunched MJ and it was fine. Did this whenever I got that message. However, since then, I figured out I didn’t have to change ports, just pull it out and plug it right back in again and it relaunches MJ. I have not idea why I get that “No Magic Jack?” on startup but my fix seems to work. It’s a pain though, because I have to sit at my computer through startup and make sure MJ is actually launched and working. So annoying!

  4. My uncle purchased the magicjack device prior to returned back home a month ago (French Caribbean). Since his arrival he has faced a lot of complications and difficulty with this system. The number which was given to him isn’t the number that appears when he calls. He has also contacted other members of the family in the U.S. and they too receive a different number then the one assigned to him. So now there are 3 phone numbers for him, none of which is the one given. When I call him, a message indicates that in order for this person to be reached they must first call this number otherwise the call will not go through. I had never heard of magicjack until now and I am completely baffled regarding this situation.

    Finding their contact (phone) information was an incredible task and once I did find the number after 45 minutes of internet search, I got an Indian guy on the line with a heavy accent, whom I could hardly understand…he asked me for my number, my uncle’s name and email address and said he’d call back after looking into the matter. When he called back he said the problem was with my carrier??? what?? ….now

    I’m even more confused. When I asked for tech support’s phone number, she said he didn’t have it but he would have them call me back.

    I was so frustrated, I decided to take a break from all of this and resume a bit later. Hopefully I’ll have better luck.

    What a mess!

    If anyone has any advice, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks

  5. I have been using the magic jack since they first started , love it !! only problem was the phone was having poor reception until I changed phones , now it works great ! , recently my magic jack fell apart , I called they were amazing , very helpful and polite , also told me about the apps for my cell phone, I can go anywhere now free of charge instead of just at home they are also sending me a free replacement and upgraded one ..just got to pay a few bucks for shipping witch is understandable I love this company , were else can you get something so cheap , all local and long distance plus all the calling features , thank you !!! after getting off the phone with them , I went out of my way to find a place on the net to share this , for those who have had a difficult time with theirs , remember its a fairly new company , takes time to get the bugs out , just like some of the cell phone companies .

  6. Two stars due to the original inventor of a product which competes with monster phone companies & cable companies.

    Low stars due to the HORRIFIC customer UNservice which has ruined a good product.


    After reading the above horror stories, some words of advice:

    (1) Demand NO LESS THAN a manager to help walk you thru the process of renewal. Granted, even a few of the managers are deadbeats. So allow your intuition to guide you, and be prepared with a polite excuse to terminate the chat. Then later try again & see if you get someone better. BUT you’ll still have more of a smidgen-chance of getting someone with an ounce of brains if you insist on asking for a manager.

    (2) NEVER EVER allow any of them access to your computer. I went thru that “allow-me-access” cruetine several times with tedious chat-reps – BUT I ALWAYS CITED PRIVACY CONCERNS AND NEVER EVER LET THEM HAVE ACCESS – DESPITE MY FRUSTRATION AT GETTING NOWHERE.

    (Aside from being walked thru registration via a somewhat-informed manager, there was a simple-fix that even that guy was ignorant at providing me, and which at least one of the stuck-up chat-gals was insisting was not true, even though I already proved it to be true via VERY knowledgeable sources!! That’s what a stupid liar she was. See eventually, I’d gotten my needed help =outside= of MagicJack by going to said knowledgeable electronics sources and asking their advice. That’s the only way I succeeded. I learned long ago never to trust far-away personnel.

  7. Very disappointed. Being with the military stationed overseas, bought Magic Jack Plus so would not have to have computer on to make phone calls. The USB plug that goes into wall went bad (does not work). Contacted Magic Jack, and was told a replacement part would be sent out, free of charge. After waiting several months, still have not received replacement. When I contacted Magic Jacks customer service agents (Justine C, Alice, and Sheilla; also a supervisor Coby) to find out why I hadn’t received it yet, I was informed I would be charged $5.95 in shipping fee’s. I can buy the replacement part cheaper, but don’t feel I should have to pay anything. The bad USB plug should have been replaced under warranty. In dealing with Magic Jack customer service in their live chat I have been disconnected several times; what appears to be on purpose, with out the rep’s trying to help me get this matter resolved. Extremely POOR customer service. This company appears to just take your money up front and does nothing to help you if something goes wrong. I would not recommend this company, because if something goes wrong, you will be expected to pay again to get it to work properly. I would recommend using Skype, on your computer; it is free and you can see the person you are talking too, if you want. In addition, to my Magic Jack not working as I paid for it, they keep sending me advertisement, but could not e-mail me there was a problem sending to a FPO, AP address. Magic Jack could have sent a replacement part to a family member so that they could have forwarded it to me, but instead, Magic Jack did nothing.

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