MBS Direct Customer Service


How To Contact MBS Direct Customer Service

MBS Direct allows students to order new and used textbooks. MBS also offers supplemental materials, eContent, and free educational resources.

MBS Customer Service

2711 W Ash Street

Columbia, MO 65203

Phone Number: 1-573-445-2243

Fax Number: n/a

Email Address: info@mbsdirect.com



3 Responses

  1. Quotations: Everyone did a Standard Novation on delivering all of the books, to the Students.

    I’ve give everybody 5 Stars up, on how a great Job, that Yawl had did. Everyone at the Office

    has gotten my vote number of Out standard hard working effort toward the Students.

  2. No Stars really! My classes start next Monday august 18 and I cant get a UPS tracking number…called the corporate office and the girl who answers the phone there says no one is there except her and all she can is transfer me back “customer service” (and I use those words cautiously)…..so the next idiot, tells me there is not UPS Tracking label number yet, I tell I was told that about 24 hours after the order is placed I can get this tracking number, well its been 24 hours. Next the idiot tells me that the UPS puts the shipping and tracking label on the box. So I am now wondering how a warehouse keeps track of boxes with books inside are just sitting there waiting for the UPS brown truck to come pick them and why there is no information on the outside of the boxes??? How will the UPS pick up know which box goes where???

  3. It has been a nightmare trying to receive my refund. It’s been sitting on someone’s desk. I am beyond disappointed. Every supervisor I spoke to said, my money would be refunded. No one knows the corporate number and who is the active CEO. This is a joke. I just want my refund of $286.00 dollars. The books was received on June 2, 2014.

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